Thursday: 140327

Thursday: 140327

Thursday: 140327

Don’t forget – Friday is SPIRIT DAY at High Voltage – you know #highschoolstyle – show up all day in your red’s & blues! Our team is in 31st…and only the top 30 make it into Regionals…

We’re one of the only boxes in SoCal to make it into the CrossFit Games Regionals every year…and we aint slowing down now!

But…we need YOU and YOUR ENERGY! #fulleffort

Also – Derrick was awesome enough to set up an After the Open Party for Saturday Night! This is a freaking amazing idea…and I can’t wait to see all our Volts & Vixens there – so get a sitter…cuz this is gonna be epic! From Derrick –

“Saturday March 29.  The lounge/ club is called  Hemingways Lounge and the address is 6356 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood Ca  90028.

It’s free to get in all night and the dress code is chill.
Derrick’s got a booth so everyone can have a place to sit the stuff and sit (aka home base). “

Thursday’s Training

Fitness Only; [6:30pm]

Pre-skill: Rope Climb Positioning/Rope Pulls x3 sets

Skill: Rowing Technique + Establish 500m row times

WOD: Low Score Tabata at each station then rotate – rest 1 min after all 8 rounds of tabata are complete
Score is lowest total at each station – learn your pacing & understand more of how your body works!

1. Row for Cal

2. Slam Ball

3. Back Extensions



A. Standing Triple Jump x3 attempts
Both Legs single leg other single leg land!

B1. RLD x8; 2020
B2. Rope Climb/Rope Pull x2-3 attempts
B3. Deck Squat/Deck Squat Pistol x5

C. Rotating Tabata; 12 min total; 24 tabata rounds

1. Row for cal
2. Slam Ball [go heavy-ish]
3. Back Extensions