Firebreathers are created with DEVOTION!!

Firebreathers are created with DEVOTION!!

Here is the list of current Firebreathers:

  • Tim Thackrey
  • Steven Kiefer
  • Stefan Niemczyk
  • Josh Murillo
  • Robb Fordham
  • Chico Demetroff
  • Jose Alvarenga
  • Johnny Wexler
  • John Clauss
  • Tom Jankas
  • Hayley Montroy
  • Dan Crawley
  • Jacquelyn “Dizzle” Demtroff
  • Ryan House
  • Ryan Felix
  • Sarah Bowling
  • Chad Brewster
  • Spencer Stone
  • Simon Potter

Firebreather Test Crew


As you see there is a long list of Firebreathers and definitely has much more room to grow. This workout was built by a devoted athlete and crazy good coach (Tim) who wanted people to prove their athletic ability and their worthiness of being able to participate in the Advanced “Firebreather” class. The workouts are always hard gut wrenching high energy with secret programming which is written out by Tim as the class goes.

It takes devotion and dedication to be good at all of the Firebreather test movements. There were people on the list who didn’t pass the first time but re-tested because they were not going to be stopped by the infamous Firebreather Test.  The definition for devotion is profound dedication and without their devotion they would not be a part of the kick ass crew.

The first step is establishing what those goals are. So if you want to pass the test let everyone know what you’re working toward. It will push you that much more to succeed.

Maurice did and now he has the whole gym behind him. 🙂  Set your goals high and reach for the stars!!!

***Reminder this Saturday April 5th there is no 9am & 10am classes Coach House will be leading a Devotion WOD at Johnny Carson Park. Everyone meet at High Voltage at 9am and we will go there together. Barbell Strength is still ON at 11:00am!!!***

Thursday’s Programming


A1. Front Squat
F: x5 reps; 31×1
P: x3 Reps; 31×1
rest 30 sec

A2. Dips
F: x5 reps; banded
P: x3 reps; weighted
rest 30 sec

A3. Rope Climbs
F; x5 rope pulls off ground
P: x2 Ascents ADAP
rest 1 min

[Beginning Murph Prep]
10 min AMRAP of “Cindy” style
F: 3x pull up 6x push up 9x squat
P: 5x Pull Up 10x Push Up 15x Squat

4:30 is Sport (Firebreather Class)