Friday: Devotion, Outside the Box edition

Friday: Devotion, Outside the Box edition

Friday: Devotion, Outside the Box edition

The first week of April’s Feel the Love Month has been Devotion Week and we’ve been exploring many different ways that CrossFit and fitness training help us reach our goals.

We started off with the new Goal Board  [which has filled up with SO MANY goals I’m all sorts of proud!] and followed it up with helping every Volt & Vixen raise their nutrition game with the Paleo Plan eBook [if for any reason you did NOT get this in your email please shoot a message]. Yesterday we put the spotlight on our Firebreathers and their devotion to their fitness goals…

And today we’re taking the Devotion theme to a couple Volts & Vixens who are using their fitness training to help them do some amazing thing OUTSIDE the box.

First up we have Sarah Berry aka our Most Improved CrossFitter of 2013. Sarah is not tries super hard at every training session she comes to whether it’s for our CrossFit Classes or when she was in the World’s Best Boot Camp…she also uses her fitness to get the most out of her first passion – equestrian which is the sport of horseback riding! Her training at High Voltage helps keep her fit to ride all day & have a blast doing it! Check out the super awesome photos of Sarah!

Sarah 2

Next up – we’re gonna get high…no…higher…ok – we’re turning this thing up to 11 and we’re talking Bob Thompson!

Bob regularly crushes his training at the box…does some super legit goat work after class where he brings in his ice-picks & climbs all over stuff with them drags the sled around the block to simulate the grind that he’ll be in for in low oxygen…and then he uses all that fitness to regularly hike the highest peaks in the US & World.

1167568_10100388542279977_1578590987_o Bob – showing everyone the gun show near the top of Mt Russell!

Bob 1

We’re always super proud of each Volt & Vixen when they use their fitness training to improve their overall lives – so show Sarah & Bob some love in the comments!

Friday’s Training: 


A. Oly Complex:

Fitness x5 sets; Hang Power Clean x3 + Push Press x3 rest 90 sec-2 min  betw sets

Performance: x4 sets – going up in weight rest 2-3 min betw sets

The Big Clean Complex: Power Position

High Hang Clean Below Knee Floor [touch & Go]

After first round + Push Press After round 2 + Push Jerk after round 3 + Split Jerk

Sport: The Big Clean Complex: Full Squat version – rest 2-3 min betw sets

Same as Performance – but full squat instead of power position.

B. 15 Min AMRAP

200m run

Unbroken DB/KB Push Press

Ever break – 200m run again…score is total reps Push Press