Monday: The High Voltage Weekly [April 7-13]

Monday: The High Voltage Weekly [April 7-13]

Monday: The High Voltage Weekly [April 7-13]

This week at High Voltage [the High Voltage Weekly]

It’s Feel the Love Month at High Voltage! We’ve got a ton of awesome stuff planned for our Community this month so stay tuned. Last week set the tone with ‘Devotion’ week including our Goal Board the 140 page nutritional eBook outside WOD the return of the Vixen’s class…

This week – we’re coming at you with Friendship Week! 

Monday we’ve got a special surprise for our friends at the box today from Stefan & his super baller company – Elite Eats!!!! – so get up early & start your day off the right way! They’re awesome enough to have a little something special…be sure to check it out!

This Friday – we’re putting a  brand new spin on Bring A Friend Day – it’s our first Friends on Friends on Friends Day!

– So Tim what’s different about this than Bring A Friend Day?

Well – for starters this will be the first time we’re having guests where we do our Regular Super Awesome High Voltage Training’ that you experience every day…and now so will they! –

We used to do some really fun partner WOD’s and that was cool too…but this Friday – they’re gonna experience the full High Voltage Training jam!

As always we’ll scale & tailor them…but…I think this is going to be super awesome!

This Saturday 11am-12:30pm – our Resident Rowing Expert Jeff is leading the Row Like a MoFo Seminar. If you haven’t taken his course before it’s really awesome I’m actually taking it for the second time…partly because I have a ton to learn myself and partly because Jeff requested 90 minutes this time & has a bunch of new material to cover!

$25 for current Volts & Vixens $40 for anyone outside the box.

Saturday – 1pm -3pm: Team High Voltage. TEAM – Be There! We’re going to be starting our Regional Training – so be ready! Be Ever Ready!

Saturday – 7:30pm – on at Barney’s Beanery– The going away extravaganza for everyone’s Friend – Josh Murillo. Come on out & let’s send him off for his year across the globe in style!

New Retail Products are IN!  We’re always on the search to find products to keep our community as healthy & fit as possible. Come check out our new Muscle Gain [for you hard gainers] & Sleep Works [for those of you like me who just CAN’T wind it down at night – ps I take Sleep Works every day #loveit] – we’ve only ordered a few to start…so if you love it let us know & we’ll carry more of what you love!

Finally – Enlistment is OPEN for the April 26 World’s Best Boot Camp AND World’s Best Bridal Camp! We had our graduation on Saturday led by Commanders Katie Ryan Felix & Dizzle….and for the THIRD Platoon in a row all troops had 100% increases in their measurements squat push up and baseline fitness testing. We’re happy to have many of them continue their training now with everyone at High Voltage! If you have friends or family who need that ‘nudge’ first to get started – have them call Commander Katie at 818-588-3514 & she’ll see if they’re a good fit for this program [and if there’s space left].


Monday’s Training & Testing

[we’re going to be doing a bunch of testing this week #btw. We had a heavy structural week & steady energy system work last week to hopefully give everyone a chance to breathe after the Open was finished…now I want to get some new testing data on everyone so we can re-test in the upcoming weeks/month. You know…progression!

A. Back Squat; Find 1RM in 15 minutes
Fitness: 30×0 tempo
P/S: Just go for it

B. NME test for all pipelines
Take 85% of their heaviest 1RM lift of A
Perform Max Reps at 85%
No tempo – but also No More than 1 second break at the top

C. 3 Rounds for time;

10x Front Squats
10x Burpees
10x Pull Ups

Fitness: KB Goblet Squat + Banded Pull UPs/ring rows
Performance: about 135/85# + chin over bar
Sport: 165/110 + CtB Pull ups