Thursday: Friendship Pt Duex

Thursday: Friendship Pt Duex

Thursday: Friendship Pt Duex

Reminder: Friday is our very FIRST ‘Friends on Friends on Friends’ Day! It’s our Regularly Super Awesome Training – and we WILL have Day Care at 9:30am for this Friday only. Bring as many peeps as you want! We’re ready for them! #everready

Friendships are an awesome thing -some of them are formed with people  just met & are figuring out what type of friendship this is going to be. Others…go way…way back. Today we’re talking about a couple friendships that started at High Voltage in it’s early days and are standing the test of time!

Starting off I’m going back – way back 5 years ago – when High Voltage was first established & Tim and Carly opened this wonderful gym. They were only looking forward and not back. Then a wonderful [soon to be] family and couple had joined putting a capital M in Mutant DNA. Steven and Charissa not only brought their athleticism but their friendship to everyone in the gym. You can often see Carly and Charissa chatting about fashion interior design life and running around with the Kiefer kids.

Then you’ve got Tim and Steven – two of the OG Firebreathers who you can find in the gym doing god knows what hilarious video or some kind of crazy workout with gnarly weights & made up movements. This friendship was born at High Voltage and I love getting to see it blossom.

Then I’ve got another beautiful friendship forged at High Voltage – and both of them are bad ass Vixens – Dizzle and Desi! They both take the 5:30 pm class together pretty much every day and are always pushing each other to get better. Not only are they friends at the gym goin out together on weekends taking vacations &even compete in Team competitions together..but Diz was even in Desi’s wedding! How cool is that! 

There’s always so many new friendships blossoming at the box…I can’t wait to write another post in a few years about where Robin & Red Hayley & Joshua #hayley&josh or Derrik & JP or Dan & House or Dean & Lori or Dean & Brett or Dean &…well you get the picture.

Friendships are important to everyday life especially on the days were there are hard WODS and you need your friends support!

So when you partner up today – just know that it could be the start of a really awesome really fit friendship.


Thursday’s Training: 

Fitness Only: 6:30pm

Front Squat: Build to a 1RM in 12 minutes

Partner WOD: Teams of 2 1 person works at a time

15 min AMRAP

Row 500m

20x Goblet Squat

20x Burpees

20x Sit Ups

Fitness/Performance [note: Sport is at 4:30p]

A. in 20 min; Build to a 1RM Deadlift.

B. The World’s Most Fun Partner WOD! [on a Thursday? Yes on a Thursday!]

Teams of 2 – 1 person works at a time

15 min AMRAP

20x Front Squat

20x Burpees

20x Toes 2 Bar

500m row