Friday: Friends on Friends on Friends Day is HERE!!

Friday: Friends on Friends on Friends Day is HERE!!

Today’s our first ever ‘Friends on Friends on Friends’ Day at High Voltage and we couldn’t be MORE stoked to show your loved ones what real fitness training is all about!

Because we want people to get the real High Voltage feel we have our regular Super Awesome High Voltage programming. No guest day WOD…but rest assured we will have our three levels [fitness/performance/sport] in each class  so our newbies can fit right in at the Fitness level.

And for the rest of Friendship Week – 

  • Josh’s Going Away Party at 8pm at Barney’s Beanery [Friday Night – not Saturday Night…Barney’s can’t handle us then]

  • Rowing Seminar 11:00 [Saturday] with Jeff Wamester

  • Team High Voltage at 1 pm [Saturday]

  • And…our own Tess aka Roller CrossFit Girl is competing this Sunday at 4:30 for the Hollywood Scarlett’s Roller Derby Team!-430pm: Hollywood Scarlets vs. Denver Mile High Club (Tess is a Hollywood Scarlet).

    At Culver City Veterans Auditorium 4117 Overland Ave. Culver City CA 90230
    All Ages. Beer & Wine with ID. Come on out & Support. We’re meeting there at 4pm!


Friday’s Training: 

Skill: Push Press

in 12 minutes; Find 1RM

WOD: “Helen” 

3 Rounds for time

400m run

21x KB Swings [53/35]

12x Pull ups


Russian/American Swings + Jumping Pull Ups or Banded Pull Ups


As Rx’d: 53/35# KB Swings + Chin Over Bar pull ups


Fat Helen

70/53# KBS + CtB Pull Ups