Monday: April 14-20 High Voltage Weekly

Monday: April 14-20 High Voltage Weekly

Monday: April 14-20 High Voltage Weekly

Hey Volts & Vixens – last week was absolutely AMAZING for Friendship week! We had a wonderful turn out for our first [and now not our last!] Friends on Friends on Friends Day last Friday…a great night out together at Barney’s Beanery another knowledge bomb dense Row Life A MoFo clinic and maybe one of the most mentally challenging Team High Voltage sessions ever [aka Team DBAB].

Oh – what else happened? Hmmmm…can’t seem to think of anything…oh that’s right…

Coach Josh and Hayley got engaged! It was really great for so many of us to witness the proposal Friday Night and we wish them all the very best!

Coming up this week at High Voltage: 

  • Our CrossFit Football classes start Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30am! We’re super excited about this…and because it’s Feel the Love month…this specialty course is included in everyone’s membership!
  • It’s PRIDE Week at High Voltage..this is the week where we show everyone our love for our Community our training partners and everything that we’re able to accomplish together! Stay tuned for some really awesome stuff happening a the box!
  • Professional Day Care is now on Monday through Wednesday Nights from 4:15-7pm and Saturday mornings from 8:45-11:15am. Bring your little Volts & Vixens!

Monday’s Training

A. Back Squat: Progressions Day 1:  rest 2-3 min betw sets.

  • Fitness: 5 sets of 5 reps; 40×1 tempo working up in weight
  • P/S: working off of most previous 1RM

-work up in weight in a few sets to 75% of 1RM then 2 sets of 5 at 75% then 3rd set is AMRAP at 75%

B. 3 sets; F/P/S:
B1. Seated DB/KB Press x8 reps 21×1 [arms together] rest 20 sec
B2. GHD Sit Ups x10-15 reps rest 1 min

C. 21-15-9 reps for time
Wall Ball +
Push ups

For Sport: Perform 2fer’s + Clapping Push Ups

MAP [Max Aerobic Power] 7:30am

4 min on 2 min off x3 rest 3 min then repeat!

1. 100m run +10x Wall ball

2. 100m row + 10x Push Ups

3. 100x Jump Rope Passes + 10x KB Swings