Tuesday: April 15, 2014

Tuesday: April 15, 2014

Tuesday: April 15, 2014

CrossFit Football workouts start TODAY at 5:30am…& run for 12 weeks on Tuesday/Thursday’s at 5:30am and Saturdays at 9am!

It’s PRIDE Week at the box – for this week we’re asking that every Volt & Vixen show their social media pride by changing their Facebook last name to either Volt or Vixen! Who’s ready to Spark it UP today!?

Tuesday’s Training:

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill: AnAerobic – run 100m hard x3 sets

Skill: Overhead Squat x8 reps

WOD: 12 min AMRAP

100m run

10x Jumping Pull Ups

10x Russian KB Swings


Fitness/Performance/Sport [Sport/Performance at 4:30pm]

A. Every 2 min for 12 minutes [6 sets total]

Fitness: High Hang Power Snatch x3 – working up in weight so long that technique holds

Performance: Power Snatch x3 reps; (60%)2 (70%)4

Sport: Power Snatch x3 reps: 60% (70%)3 (75%)2

Note: % is based off of 1RM Snatch does not have to be TnG

B. 3 sets:

Snatch Grip Halting Deadlift x5 reps (working up from weights from A – pause in power position before extension happens)

C. 8 min AMRAP – go HARD!

100m run

10x Pull Ups [Fitness: Jumping/Banded P: Chin S: CtB]

10x KB Swings


CrossFit Football: [5:30am]

Warm Up: Band Sprints x4 sets +Posterior Chain Mobility

Strength: Deadlift: work up then 3×5 @65%1RM [should take about 15 min]

Accessory: Find 1RM Bench Press in 12-15 min

WOD: 1 min on 1 min off x4 [you can start some people at]

Sprint 50m [out + back 25m each way]
10x KB Swings Heavy
Remaining time is Max Rep Dips