Friday: Murph Prep Starts!

Friday: Murph Prep Starts!

Friday: Murph Prep Starts!

Congrats to ITP’er Desi – she got her first Bar Muscle Up this week! She’s been training with us for almost FIVE years now…and she’s still making progress. She PR’d her deadlift last week at 243# [over DOUBLE bodyweight!] did every WOD in the Open as prescribed…and takes great PRIDE in her training every day. She’s diligent consistent and gives her Full Effort Every Day. Enjoy crossing your bar muscle up goal off the goal board! You earned it!


Today we begin our Murph Prep training – and we’ll be progressing on it for the next 6 weeks to get everyone ready for our biggest Community Event of the year!

This year we’re all going to pay our respects on Saturday May 31…and if you’re not sure what we’re all doing…here’s the plan:

“Murph” honoring Lt. Michael Murphy Medal of Honor Recipient.

1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

1 mile run

We will have teams people chopping it up ‘Cindy’ style people going straight through and people wearing 20# weight vests.

There will be our annual BBQ & pot luck to follow.

Along with the other progressions that we’ve been programming to maximize your training at High Voltage the next 6 Fridays [along with the bonus training that I’ve posted in the ‘goat work’ area] will follow our strength & structural progressions along with specific movement & energy system training to make sure everyone can get through this difficult workout with their Full Effort.

Because Saturday May 31 is all about giving our Full Effort.


Friday’s Training: 

Murph Prep pt 1

Pre-Skill: Hollow Rock Positioning – work this into warm up
+Pose running tech to work into WOD.

A. Back Squat x3; [intensity based squat]
F: Sets of 3 reps; 40×1 working up in weight
P/S: 60 70 (80)2 85

B. Murph Progression pt 1:
20 Min AMRAP of:
Rest 2 min after each set
400m run
F: 10x Pull Ups
P:15x Pull Ups [S: CtB]
F: 20x Push Ups
P/S:25x Push Ups
F: 30x Squats
P/S:40x Squats