The High Voltage Weekly: April 21-27

The High Voltage Weekly: April 21-27

The High Voltage Weekly: April 21-27

Red is such a great person to have around the box…chances are we’ve all had a conversation with her. She’s one of the people that is always just down to help someone out if they’re new encourage someone when they’re going through a WOD and make sure the last person is motivated to the finish!

And lately she’s been stepping her own training up – her gymnastics & endurance are pretty solid [even with that crazy strict wide muscle up she does!] – but to pass the Firebreather test she’s had to work on her oly technique & get stronger. So what does she do? She’s enlisted the help of additional programming from us to diligently & systematically work on her weaknesses…and she just PR’d at Team training a week ago on her 1 rep Thruster #overbodyweight – Keep up the awesomeness Red!


And now….The High Voltage Weekly!

This week…we’re coming in HOT! Ready? 3..2..1…GO!

1. This week is ‘Recovery’ Week…we have some cool stuff set for everyone…so get to the box & check it out!

2. Stronger Faster Healthier is coming out to drop some Fish Oil Knowledge Bombs for everyone for our Tuesday Night Classes – if you’re wondering why this stuff is so popular & we always sell out of it…or you used to take it & kinda fell off…be there Tuesday & stay healthy.

3. With so many new Recovery products at the box now – we’re getting tons of questions on which products are right for you…so…we made a list & put it online!

You can find it in the drop down menu under the ‘Getting Started’ tab on the website – or you can just click here!

If you click on each product we carry [or are about to carry] it has a description of what the products do & who it’s designed for. Chiggity Check it!

4. The World’s Best Boot Camp & World’s Best Bridal Camp are ON for this Saturday for Enlistment Day!

-It’s designed for anyone who’s not ready for what we do in the box on a regular day & want to have a prep camp before they begin their training…and it’s also for anyone who just wants to go through the ‘transformation machine’ before beach season officially hits!

-If you or a buddy want to attend enlistment day – have them email

-It’s just $49 to reserve your spot at Enlistment Day and if you or they decide to take on the 6 week Transformation Machine challenge we’ll apply the $49 to the 6 week price!

-There is no 9am this Saturday but 10am Team WOD & 11am Barbell Strength are ON!


Monday’s Training


A: 10 min Alternating EMOM

A1; Cleans A2: Hand Stand Push Ups/HSPU Progressions

Fitness: Hang Clean x5 reps/ + Piked HSPU off box x5-7 reps

Performance: Power Clean x2 [1.1.1 – 60% 70% (75%)3]/ HSPU ADAP; 5-7 reps

Sport: Power Clean x2 [1.1.1 – 60% 70% 75% (80%)2] HSPU ADAP 7-10 reps [off paralletes or no kip if possible]

*Note: each cluster of 3 cleans for p/s is a 5-10 sec break between lifts – no more no less. Good set up & good lift mechanics not T&g


B. 15 min AMRAP rest 1 min after each round [CP +AnAerobic conditioning – aka – hit these hard!]

F: 5x HPC + 7x Burpees + 9x Pull Ups [sub to KB Swings if hang clean tech isn’t there yet]
P: 5 Power Clean + 7x Burpees + 9x Pull Ups
S: 1 muscle up [ring or bar] + 5x PCl [tng – 60%+ of 1RM] 7x Burpees + 9x CtB Pull Ups