Friday: April 25, 2014

Friday: April 25, 2014

Friday: April 25, 2014

Speaking of crushing it…Andrew aka Andrew WK…has been on this PR streak for about 2 solid months lately. Check him out in the photo setting a 90# PR on his deadlift & finally joining the 4 Wheel Club!

What I like even more about Andrew WK though is that he’s USING his fitness to live a really awesome life.

He’s always involved in some sort of Adventure Race or a Marathon or the World’s Best Boot Camp [in Platoon #002] – just to keep mixing things up keep it fresh & have a blast doing it.

I get to train him pretty regularly and I see someone who takes his training seriously but not himself too seriously during those sessions. I mean it’s not like Game of Thrones or Walking Dead serious for him [don’t even get started with him!].

But I do have a feeling Andrew is just getting started with all of his CrossFit success…when you see him at the box partner up with him give him a high-5…and hope a little of his PR juice rubs off on you!


Friday’s Training:


Murph Prep; pt 2

Ax4. Power Clean Complex:

1x Clean Halting DL +1x Clean Extension + 2x Power Clean

Fitness: Work positioning: 1x Clean halting DL +1x Hang Clean Ext + 2x Hang Power Clean

Performance: 60% (70%)3 of heaviest Clean

Sport: 60 70 (75%)2 of heaviest Clean

-focus is on positioning – keeping shoulders forward of the bar in clean halting position getting up on toes & punching traps in cl ext and proper landing position [no dookie feet] + being ready to receive bar in power clean.


B. 20 min AMRAP

800m run to start

then AMRAP of

3 sets of Cindy + 100m run after 3 sets are complete

[3 sets = (5x pull up 10x push up 15x squats)3 then sprint 100m]

Fitness: Jumping Pull Ups/Ring Rows – adjust reps to 3/6/9 as needed

Performance: as written

Sport: CtB Pull Ups + Parallete Push Ups + Unbroken Squats