Monday – The High Voltage Weekly: April 28-May 4

Monday – The High Voltage Weekly: April 28-May 4

Monday – The High Voltage Weekly: April 28-May 4

-Mo is one of the most dedicated CrossFitters in the High Voltage Community – he comes early stays late and is constantly working on his goats & goals. You can find him in the goat work area working on all the skills he needs to finally pass the Trial by Fire test needed to get into the Firebreathers class on Thursday’s at 4:30pm.

And believe me…he’s gonna get it. You can’t keep a hard worker down and Mo is working as hard as anyone. Oh – did you also know he’s an ITP’er and helps coach the 6:30pm Fitness classes? Pick his brain ask him some questions and help him continue to improve!


We’ve had an absolutely AMAZING month of April at High Voltage…

Maybe it’s because the Open is over & everyone is back to getting in the groove with their regular super awesome training…

Maybe it’s because Memorial Day Murph is coming up on Saturday May 31…

Maybe it’s just all the fun event’s we’ve had at the gym over the last month…

Scholars maintain that there’s no way to really know…but irregardlessly…and without any more adieu..

Here’s the High Voltage Weekly!

1. This Sunday [May 4] at 9am our monthly VIXEN’s Class is ON! 

This class is open to any women in the High Voltage Community all abilities & levels…and is also one of the most challenging classes we have…so we’re calling all our ladies to come on out!

2. The new Spring High Voltage apparel &gear is IN! 

Come by the box & check out the new shirts we have [limited supply of course] and new recovery products to help you rock this Summer super hard.

3. Memorial Day Murph is just over one month away – mark your calendars for Saturday May 31…this is our BIGGEST Community Event of the year!

4. SoCal Regionals are Fri-Sun May 23-25 in Del Mar CA. We’re heading down to cheer on our very own #Hayley as she competes at her first Regionals as an Individual.

She’s been training super hard doing individual programming with me and is ready to go represent our entire Community! Tickets are online at

5. It’s Passion Week at the box – after a month of Devotion Friendship Pride & Rejuvenation…it’s time to focus on another aspect of why we love our CrossFit & fitness training.

This can be a little different for everyone but at the core is that feeling that internal drive that you experience when you go for one more rep or don’t put the bar down…and then actually look forward to taking on that challenge again the next day…and the day after that. Every Volt & Vixen has a different passion – bring yours to the box and be ready to inspire someone new who can use a little [or a lot] of what you’ve got!


Monday’s Training:

A. Back Squat: [about 15 min total] rest 2-3 min betw sets.

Fitness: 5 sets of 5 reps; 40×1 tempo working up in weight

P/S: working off of most previous 1RM
-work up in weight in a few sets then
2 sets of 5 at 81% then 3rd set is AMRAP at 81%

B. 18-12-6 reps for time [12 min cap]
DB Thrusters

Push ups

Box Jump + Step Down
F/P: Hand Release Push Ups +Step Up or Jump Up & Step Down
Sport Ring/Parallette Push Ups

MAP: 7:30am

5 min on 2 min off x3 rest 3 min then repeat!

1. 100m run +12x Wall ball + 12 Sit Ups

2. 100m row + 12x Push Ups +12 Back Extensions

3. 100x Jump Rope Passes [singles or 50 dubs]+ 12x KB Swings