Thursday: May 1, 2014

Thursday: May 1, 2014

Thursday: May 1, 2014

So you know those friends that you talk to about CrossFit & everything we do at the box…and they’re always like…’yeah man I’ll be there on Monday’…

But they never tell you WHICH Monday?

-Meet Adam.

Adam missed about 52 Mondays in a row before he got started. See Adam is a bartender at the best bar in LA – Blue Dog in Sherman Oaks. I say this objectively and will fight anyone who disagrees.

Adam was a good athlete but definitely out of the shape he wanted to be in – this can make getting started seem like even more of an uphill battle than it should be.

He’d gotten to see first hand the results of our training from longtime Volt Jonny & then more recently Amelia [who’s now on her crazy trip across SE Asia for a few more months until she’s back rockin it with us!]…but still…just had a hard time finally getting him to take those difficult first steps.

Then – he finally came in & got started on our Spark Starter Program…then he signed up & because it was Amelia who finally dragged him in…she got hooked up with a 25% discount for the Friends on Friends on Friends referral program

From there – Adam was hooked. He’s been rocking the 12:30 class on the regular…and has quickly progressed from the Fitness to the Performance & now takes on the challenging Sport Programming!

Adam didn’t stop there – he made the beginning of 2014 amazing by going ‘all in’ with the 24 Day Weight Loss Challenge – with the final results showing he lost a ‘crap-ton’ of weight…and then completed every CF Open workout as rx’d! Not bad for someone who wouldn’t even come in at first…then he found his ‘Spark’ & the rest is history.

  • So – for the month of May – we’re making it even EASIER to join High Voltage. Our Spark Starter Program is normally $79 for 5 classes…but for this month – you can pick one up for just $39 for any 3 classes over 5 days! If you love it & decide to step up your game on the regular with us…we’ll apply the #39 towards your first month! 
  • But…We’re only gonna have 18 of them at this rate [for quality control]! You can use this for yourself or for a friend in need!
  • You’ve got nothing to lose…and only your abs to gain!
  • Get the Spark back in your step today: 818-848-8804! 


Thursday’s Training:

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Skill: Deadlift – lift to a heavy set of 5 reps – Touch & Go

WOD: 4 rounds 1 min per station rest 1 min after all 3

-Row for Cal

-Sit Ups

-Slam Ball



Ax4. F/P:
A1; Deadlift x10; touch & go
A2: Rope Climbs; 20 second AMRAP
[Sub to 30 second Rope Pulls]
Rest 60-90 sec before A1.

B1. Bulgarian Split Squat x6 each leg
B2. GHD Back Extensions x12-15

C. 6 min AMRAP
Max Rep Double Unders
Every break is 3 man makers

CrossFit Football:

Strength: Back Squat: 3×5 across: +5# from previous

Accessory Strength: 3 sets

Barbell Bent Over Row x10
+ GHD Sit Ups x12

WOD: 1 min on; 1 min off x4

Row 150m

Remaining time is max rep Man Makers