Friday: May 2 – In 4 Weeks!

Friday: May 2 – In 4 Weeks!

Friday: May 2 – In 4 Weeks!

That’s right – in just 4 weeks we’re gearing up for Memorial Day Murph…it’s happening on Saturday May 31 at the box!

We’ll be rolling out the full deets for Murph for everyone in the next few days – but as always we’ll have versions of the 1 mile run 100 pull ups 200 push ups 300 squats & 1 mile run for everyone – whether it’s half murph partner murph ‘Cindy’ style straight thru…or something brand new that we’re working on that you don’t even know about yet.

The weekend before Murph is Memorial Day…which is when we normally have this…but it’s also SoCal Regionals.

This year we’ll be heading down to Del Mar to cheer our very own Hayley on as she competes as an individual for the first time!

Hayley’s been training even more like crazy lately. If you’ve seen her at the box lately…might be morning afternoon or night…she’s been doing some pretty serious prep work with us via ‘Individual Program Design’ & really unlocking her full potential [yeah…there’s so much more there that we haven’t even tapped yet!].

Not sure what Individual Program Design is? They are training programs designed specifically for an individual to dial in exactly the part of training the need to improve on – whether it’s remedial skills to catch up to speed…or high end training volume & movements tailored to push them to the next level.

  • In case you didn’t know – we have a few options here for you guys that I’ve never really showed before – so check them out here. 

The Options are:

  • Private Training [1 on 1 2 on 1 3 on 1 with the CFHV Coach of your choice to help you get there…faster!]
  • Full Individual Program Design [non-coached programming tailored to meed & exceed your personal needs quickly]
  • Supplemental Program Design [2-3x per week Individual Programming done in addition to the group training we do at the gym…but also structured & progressive to give you a little extra boost you need – and done in the right way that doesn’t take away from the other training you do!].


Friday’s Training:


Pre-Skill: Hollow Rock Positioning
+Pose running technique

A. Back Squat x2; [intensity based squat]
F: Sets of 2 reps; 40×1 working up in weight
P/S: 60% 70% 80% 85% 90% 85% [no tempo]

B. Murph Progression pt 3:

20 Min AMRAP of:
Rest 1 min after each set
400m run
F: 10x Pull Ups
P:15x Pull Ups [S: CtB]
F: 20x Push Ups
P/S:30x Push Ups
F: 30x Squats
P/S:40x Squats

-Note – the rest interval has gone down from 2 min to 1 min…

The goal is to keep the same split times for each round.

This gets really challenging but if you can do that it’s a great sign of progression!