Monday: The High Voltage Weekly. May 5-11, 2014

Monday: The High Voltage Weekly. May 5-11, 2014

Monday: The High Voltage Weekly. May 5-11, 2014

1. The Summer Slim Down is Coming! 

If you haven’t ran into them…maybe it’s because they’re so summer sexy right now…but Coach Jose & Carly just finished absolutely CRUSHING their 24 Day Weight Loss Challenge…and if Jose’s photos don’t say it clearly enough…

In just 24 Days…

  • Jose lost 19 pounds and 15″ total on his body comp tests…and improved on all 3 of his fitness assessments!
  • Carly lost 15 pounds and 22″ total on her body comp tests…and improved on all 3 of her fitness assessments too!

How’d they do it? Long story short they dialed it in and were 100% compliant for the duration of the challenge…and that = results.

This challenge is 100% done for you – no guess work – just getting as ripped as possible for summer.

It includes all the supplements you’ll take portion set meals [so you stay nourished…this is not a starvation diet] bonus training and pre mid and final check in body comp measurements & fitness tests.

I’m just announcing this publicly for the first time but I already have 4 people that have emailed me & paid.

  • It’s going to start the last week of May and it lasts….24 Days.
  • The total package price is $220.

Oh – and I almost forgot…there WILL be prizes for the biggest transformation!

More deets to come shortly…but if you want in there’s a sign up sheet by the whiteboard.

2. Happy Cinco de Mayo…and we’ve got some fun treats for everyone at the box today…and don’t worry. If you have one of those jobs where it’s frowned upon to walk in smelling like it’s Friday night…then we’ve got some cool stuff for you too 🙂

3. Team is ON for this Saturday at 1pm – be there Team DBAB! 

4. Check out our brand spanking new “Lil’ Sparkz Room” in the lobby. We’re love that our Community keeps expanding and now we are the only box in LA that I know of that has a dedicated Day Care room with Professional Day Care staff [including early education teachers!].

So bring the little ones by & enjoy your WOD knowing they’re in good hands!

High Voltage Day Care is Monday 4:15-7pm Tuesday 4:15-7:30pm Wednesday 4:15-7pm and Saturday from 7:45-11am…and we’re always looking to expand our offerings as the need requires 🙂

5. It seems like our ‘Spark Starter Pack’ is kindofa hit!

Last week on the blog I’d mentioned that because people were asking we’d issue 20 of our Spark Starter Packs [Any 3 classes over 5 days at High Voltage for just $39…and if you decide to continue to up your game with us we’ll apply that towards your first month’s membership] – well we’re already down to 17 left. Carly & I were installing the Day Care on Saturday & 2 people called asking if we had any more left…yeah…well we have 17 left now – [and that was just after 2 days].

As we get closer to our membership cap we’re not going to be adding extra of these this month. If you’re being a lookie loo on the blog…then hopefully this is the no-risk nudge that you need to finally get out of your sweat clothes at the beach this summer & rock the beach like you know you should. 818-848-8804. #holla.


Monday’s Training:


A: 12 min Alternating EMOM; first minute A1 2nd minute A2 [or they can start at different stations]

A1; Cleans A2: Hand Stand Push Ups/HSPU Progressions
Fitness: Hang Clean x5 reps/ + Piked HSPU off box x7-9 reps

Performance: Power Clean x2 +Squat Clean x1 [1.1.1 – 60% 70% (75%)2 (80)2]/ HSPU ADAP; 7-9 reps

Note – 5-10 second rest between each clean for the ( . ) – so that way it’s a good set up & lift – NOT touch & go

Sport: Power Clean x1 +Squat Clean x2 [1.1.1- 60% 70% 75% 80 (85%)2] HSPU ADAP 8-12 reps [off paralletes or no kip if possible]

B. 15 min AMRAP [AnA Lac]

F: 7x HPC + 8x Burpees + 9x Pull Ups [jumping or Ring Rows will be best here] Rest 30 seconds after each round
P: 7 Power Clean + 8x Burpees + 9x Pull Ups rest 60 sec after each round
S: 2x Muscle Ups + 7x PCl [tng – ~60%+ of 1RM] 8x Burpees + 9x CtB Pull ups rest 90 sec after each round

[note for sport – with the rep progression from 2 weeks ago and increased rest interval you’re going to have to go FASTER to get the same score as previous weeks not pace more…enjoy!]



WOD: in 35 min complete AMRAP of the following
Row 500m rest 1 min
Run 400m rest 1 min
20x Burpees + 20x KB Clean [10 each arm] rest 1 min