Tuesday – May 6, 2014

Tuesday – May 6, 2014

Tuesday – May 6, 2014

That picture above makes me so dang happy.

Not just because it’s maybe one of the best Mother’s Day Presents we’ve ever given some people at our box.

Not just because it’s our brand spanking [no spanking?] Day Care Room…to go along with our growing Professional Day Care Program…

But because those kids in the photo all have parents who’ve been with us well before well they were parents!

One of the coolest things about our Community is that we all get to know each other so well kinda grow up together in an adult way and go on to these new adventures together.

And best of all? The room is pretty big so that means we can bring on some more families that we can help get or stay in shape while their little ones are safe & secure!


If you’re interested in checking out High Voltage & our ‘lil sparks’ Professional Day Care program this is the perfect time to pick up a Spark Starter Package. After a busy Monday we currently have 16 of these 3 trial classes left for the month of May…and we’d love to have someone’s Mom & Dad pick one up!


Tuesday’s Training:

Fitness Only: [6:30pm]
Skill: Front Squat

Build to a heavy 5 rep; 30×1

WOD: 4 rounds for reps 1 min per station [start at any station]

-Row for Cal

-Wall Ball

-Sit Ups

-Push Ups

rest 1 min

Fitness/Performance/Sport classes
A. Back Squat; working up in weight then;

Fitness: 5 5 AMRAP; 40×1 tempo

Performance/Sport: @84%; 5 5 AMRAP [all at 84% of 1RM]

B. “Matthew McConaughey” – as in – what’s your PR on ‘Matthew McConaughey’? ‘My PR is the time I’ll have in 10 years from now’ or something like that.

[Muscle Endurance/Aerobic – progressive from 4/21]

2 rounds; 2 min per station – no rest period [16 min straight through]

-Row for cal

-Wall Ball [Sport: 30/20]

-Push Ups [Sport: Plyo-Plate Push Ups: 45/25]

-Sit Ups: Fitness -regular [Performance: 25/10# Sport: 45/25# – both are overhead]


CrossFit Football [5:30am – going on for about 9 more weeks…get it while the gettin’s good!]

Strength: Back Squat: 3×5 +5 from previous attempt [if on track – should be Thursday May 1]

Accessory Strength: Weighted Dip [Static] 3×5 +GHD Sit Up 3×12

WOD: For time:

21-15-9 reps for time

Plyo Plate Push Ups

KB Swings [heavy]

Slam Ball