Wednesday, May 7

Wednesday, May 7

Wednesday, May 7

Why are Coach Jose & Carly in the clouds?

Well you would be too if you were able to cross off your Big Goal on the Goal Board of being 100% dialed in over 24 Days!


In fact their results are SO AMAZING….we’re running a gym-wide challenge to help everyone conquer that last…little…bit they need to be 100% beach ready!


We’re calling it the Summer Meltdown! 


I’ve actually got to apologize to everyone I was just gonna spotlight Jose on Monday and then do a proper ‘time get sign-up’ type deal next week.

But because we’ve already got 10 people paid & registered for the Summer Meltdown [registration wasn’t supposed to start yet #fyi]…so bear with me while I get all the fine print out to everyone!


I will have full details for everyone on Monday [like I planned on] – but to answer the questions I’ve gotten the most so far here goes…


1. It’s the 24 Day Weight Loss Challenge the main goal is to Get as Ripped as Possible!

It’s not a starvation diet it’s not a bunch of ephedra or anything like that…it should be the catalyst for long term results far after the 24 days are over

It does include every supplement you need;

  • an Herbal Cleanse to start [because a healthy gut helps absorbtion of proper nutrients]
  • Meal Replacement Shakes
  • Omega-3 Fish Oils
  • a 100% done for you booklet & instructional guide [just follow the proven system like Carly & Jose did]
  • MNS Max – The Multinutrient Dietary Supplement – used during the ‘Max weightloss’ phase of the challenge
  • And of course…Spark!

2. Bonus Training! 

To do this properly we’ve developed lighter training to do at home [when you’re not at the box] to do at a slightly relaxed pace…keeping your metabolism reving like you want it.

3. We will have a prize for the biggest Transformation

  • We do pre & post body composition measurements + photos + fitness testing – this is designed to help you improve in every area.

But – I don’t have the prize set because…well I thought I had until next Monday!

4. We’re working with Elite Eats to combine the 24 Day Challenge with their World Class Meal Delivery Service! Stay tuned.

5. The price for the entire Challenge: including Supplementation & Meal Replacements pre/post measurements & assessment Bonus Training and mid challenge check in is $220.


If you’re ready to be 100% accountable to start doing your pull ups without the weight vest [think about it] or just look even better naked…this is the Challenge for you.

Full deets to come shortly…but in the meantime…show Carly & Jose some LOVE in the comments! They Rocked It!


Wednesday’s Training:


Benchmark Testing Day – compare scores to last attempts in your log [you ARE logging your scores right?]

A. Overhead Squat: in 12 min- build to a heavy set:
Fitness: Build to a heavy 5 rep [from a rack – can sub to fsq]
P/S: Build to a heavy 1 rep [limit attempts – bulid up quickly]

B. “Nancy’ 5 rounds for time [20 min cap]
400m run
15x OHS [95/65# – from the ground]

Fitness: Goblet Squats [but shouldn’t be ‘too light’
Performance: 95/65# [as rx’d – scale weight as needed]
Sport: 115#/85#

MAP [Maximum Aerobic Power] – 7:30am +6:30pm

20 min AMRAP

5x Toes to Bar

10x Push Ups

15x Squats

20x Double Unders

100m run


Looking to CRUSH ‘Nancy’ today – then come in a few minutes early & work on your overhead position with a little help from Kelly Starrett!