Thursday: May 8 – Our Newest Firebreather!

Thursday: May 8 – Our Newest Firebreather!

Thursday: May 8 – Our Newest Firebreather!

Last Friday night after the 6:30pm class finished…High Voltage got a big treat.


We talk about ‘Full Effort’ all the time at the box and how the outcome isn’t as important as the journey.

Mo was set to give our most famous test a go and for probably the 3rd or 4th time Drew said he wouldn’t let someone go it alone & threw his hat in the ring.


See – Drew is an awesome athlete good lifter good endurance but those dang muscle ups have just been hit & miss for him.

He came very close to passing Trial by Fire a few times before…but never quite put it all together.


But Friday night was different for Drew I think for a few reasons.


The first he’d been doing a bunch of accessory muscle up work and that DOESN’T mean just trying muscle ups all the time.

I’d come into Open Gym & he’d be working strict pull ups. I’d see him talking strategy with the Coaches & other Firebreathers…
But I think it was the second thing he did differently that really made the difference.




He didn’t so much pressure on himself.


And the result? He CRUSHED it!

That doesn’t mean he didn’t want it…and it doesn’t mean he wasn’t prepared. It means he went in ready to do the work…and didn’t get caught up in the outocme.


Drew passed ‘Trial by Fire’ with a time of 21:11 & officially becoming a Firebreather!


Without missing a single muscle up.


So when you see him around the box today [and hopefully at our Firebreather’s Class at 4:30 every Thursday] give him a big Yeah Buddy.


& then remember – have fun with it. It’s not the outcome that ultimately matters but it’s enjoying the journey that we’re on together.

It might just be the part of training that you’re missing.



Thursday’s Training:

Fitness Only: [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill: Rowing Technique instruction

Skill: Deadlift: Build to a heavy 3 reps Deadlift

WOD: 500m row for time

Finish with: Tabata Sit Ups – low score


Fitness/Performance: [note – Firebreathers/Sport is 4:30 on Thursday…& today’s Thursday]

A. Build to a heavy 3 rep touch & go deadlift in 15 minutes
7×3 working up in weight

B. 2k row for time


CrossFit Football [5:30am]

Strength: Power Clean 5×3 [+5# from last Saturday or last attempt]

Accessory Strength: Strict Press 3×5 +5/2.5# from previous

WOD: Alternating Tabata -2 full tabata rounds [16 intervals total – score is total reps]

-Strict Pull Ups [can be banded or ring row]
-KB Swings [heavy]