Friday: MURPH Deets!

Friday: MURPH Deets!

Friday: MURPH Deets!

Ok – pens & paper gang – or iPhones & apps…whatever your choice…get ready!

Because it’s time to launch the deets for Murph…our biggest Community Event of the Year!


Date: Saturday May 31 2014 [note – this is the Saturday AFTER Memorial Day due to Hayley repping our CFHV Community & CRUSHING SoCal Regionals over Memorial Day]


Check in: 9am

Opening Ceremonies: 9:30am

First Heat: 10am

Second Heat: 10:45am

Third Heat: 11:30am

Heat Sign Up Sheets will be next to the Whiteboard starting Monday

Location: At High Voltage!

BBQ &Potluck starts at 12pm!!!

The WOD: 

For time: 1 mile run 100 pull ups 200 push ups 300 squats 1 mile run

Fitness: 1/2 Murph or Teams of 2 [or teams of 2 & perform half]

Performance: Murph ‘Cindy’ Style’ [+ weight vest?]

Sport: Murph ‘Straight Through’ [+weight vest?]

And Complete BAMF’s –

Teams of 4:

Buddy Carry Mile

100 Strict Pull Ups

200 Ring Dips

300 Wall Ball

Buddy Carry Mile




Friday’s Training/Murph Prep pt 4


A. Front Squat [part of our squat cycle]

Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes perform 1 rep from a rack.

Working up in weight – may be a max may just be a tough single depending on how your legs are feeling

B. 22 Min AMRAP [progression from 4/25]

1 mile run then followed by;
4 rounds of
5x pull ups
10x Push Ups
15x Squats
then 200m run after each 4 round piece

Fitness: Run 800m + 3 rounds then run 200m

Performance: As Rx

Sport: Weight Vest