The High Voltage Weekly: May 12-18, 2014

The High Voltage Weekly: May 12-18, 2014

The High Voltage Weekly: May 12-18, 2014

1. The Summer Meltdown Registration is LIVE! 

24 Days to get over that last hurdle or to get a jump start on big goals! Registration is LIVE today but we’re very excited to already have 11 Volts & Vixens signed up & commited!

The Challenge goes June 2 – June 26 & Includes:

  • the entire Supplement regiment you’ll need [herbal cleanse Meal Replacement shakes Omega-3 oils Metabolic Nutrition System packets & of course Spark!]
  • 100% Done For You Guide that chunks down the challenge into daily blocks and then those daily blocks into exactly how much of what & when to take it!
  • Pre & Post Body Comp Measurements & photos
  • Pre & Post Fitness Testing
  • BONUS Training Guide including workouts specially designed to boost your metabolism get you ripped even quicker and actually ENHANCE your training at High Voltage!

The price for the entire Summer Meltdown is just $220. To sign up contact whoever is coaching your class or anyone in the office & we’ll get you all set up!

Oh – and we will be announcing prizes for the Biggest Transformation soon…

2. Memorial Day Weekend Schedule: Regular schedule on Friday Saturday & Sunday. We are CLOSED on Monday [actual Memorial Day].

-A bunch of us are going to be down in Del Mar for SoCal Regionals cheering on our own Hayley! Come down & support our Vixen!

3. ‘Murph’ is Saturday May 31 9am -12pm with BBQ & Potluck to follow. Register for your heat & version at the box.

4. Our newly popular Spark Starter Packs are down to only 12 left for May…thanks to Jose & Tom Jankas for helping 2 of their friends get a jump start on their training.

-To keep quality at our box high [which is paramount] we are only offering 12 more of these for the month of May [we started with 20].

-They’re just $39 for a potential Volt or Vixen to try out any 3 classes over 5 days. Best of all if they LOVE it we’ll apply that $39 towards their first month’s payment.

-And because we’re so 2014 you can now purchase them online [like just click right here!]


Monday’s Training


A. Back Squat: Progressions – rest 2-3 min betw working sets. Rest will get longer as the deeper sets go on.

Fitness: 5 sets of 5 reps; 40×1 tempo working up in weight [heavier than previous week +5 or +10#]

P/S: working off of most previous 1RM
-work up in weight in a few sets then
2 sets of 5 at 87% then 3rd set is AMRAP at 87%

C 21-15-9 reps for time
Wall Ball
Toes to Bar [Fitness: Hanging Knee Raises]
Push Ups [Sport: Dips]
100m run at the end of each round [so you’ll run 3x]

MAP: 7:30am

5 min on 2 min off….1x per station

1. 100m run +15x Wall ball +15 Sit ups

2. 100m row + 15x Push Ups +15 Back Extensions

3. 100x Jump Rope Passes [singles or 50 dubs]+ 15x DB Snatch

4. 100m row + 15x Push Ups + 15x Back Extensions

5. 100m run + 15 Wall Ball + 15 Sit Ups