Thursday, May 15: The Muscle Up

Thursday, May 15: The Muscle Up

Getting your first muscle up is a big goal for so many people as they progress on their CrossFit journey.

And while it’s definitely not the end-all only goal worth mentioning…it actually is a really good goal.

Just think of all the areas of our 10 components of fitness you have to combine just to perform ONE?

This challenge is generally even greater for women because of the amount of upper body pulling & pushing strength that this requires.


Enter to the conversation Coach Dizzle.


Diz [fyi real name Jacquelyn!] has been training with us since the old North Hollywood days…and is one of our most consistend & dedicated Vixens.

She’s had her dips had her bar muscle up but just couldn’t get on top of those rings. And her Big Goal on the goal board is to get her first Ring Muscle Up by May 31.

She wanted to get there faster and even though we’d been working on it regularly in classes & she’s gotten tons of advice she she decided to schedule a 1 on 1 PT with me last Thursday.

We broke down every little part of her muscle up – and sometimes it’s those super small details [like her hollow rock position during the kip was just a little off] that made the transition difficult. The Russian Dips were new & became a challenge to ‘snap’ through but also helped her find a solid catch position.

Finally – we diagnosed which parts of the week to train certain parts of the muscle up…this is super important to stay injury free. If an athlete is always trying to do the full muscle up for the first time AFTER training…you can see where small injuries could occur. This doesn’t mean people don’t get their first muscle up after class – it’s happened plenty – but there are better parts of movements that an athlete can train if their CNS is fried or certain body parts have been put through the ringer.

Well…we never got to use the new training days…because that Saturday at TEAM High Voltage practice…Dizzle got her first [and second] ring muscle up!

I’d like to not only shout out to Dizzle & all her hard work…but to all the Coaches that helped and Volts & Vixens that encouraged her along the way! Even though you ‘could’ do this stuff alone…you really can’t. We’re all stronger together!

Now check out the awesome video & show Diz some love in the comments.


Thursday’s Training

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Skill: Rope Climb Instruction + movement review [aka bring long socks today]

WOD: 3 rounds 1 min per round. rest 1 min after all 3 rounds are complete

-Rope Pulls off the ground
-Slam ball
-Box Jump/Step Up & Step Downs
-KB Swing
-Row for Cal
Rest 1 min

Fitness/Performance [Note: Sport is at 4:30pm & requires test in]

‘Thursday Gone Bad’

A. 1k Row for time

B. 3 Rounds: 1 min per station rest 1 min when all 5 stations are complete [aka get your socks!]
-Rope Climb
-Slam Ball
-Box Jumps
-KB Swing
-Row for Cal

CrossFit Football [5:30am T/Th Sat 9am]

Strength: Back Squat: 3×5 +5# from previous week [Saturday or Tuesday]

Accessory Strength: in 10 min find 1RM Static Dip

WOD: Prowler Repeats

Coaches Choice. Better be ‘nice’ to Coach Tom!