Friday, May 17, 2014

Friday, May 17, 2014

Friday, May 17, 2014

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So – the awesome Vixen in the middle – that’s our Tess! #watchout

She came to us as a member of the LA Pegasus Roller Derby Team…and now has become a super awesome CrossFitter along the way!

One of my favorite things about coaching Tess is that she’s always down to step it up in a workout.

Sometimes people have to be convinced or walked through the process of what’s going to be the effect of a change in our training.

But not Tess. She’s like “yeah that sounds awesome we should totally add 20 more pounds to the WOD” or “yeah we should totally run a mile before the WOD’. Ok – she probably never said that. I think only Courtney would say that…but that’s for a different blog.

So let’s give it up for Tess today as we go through a really difficult ‘Murph Prep’ Day.

Tess would step it up…will you?


Friday’s Training

Squat Cycle Intense + Murph Prep Aerobic/Muscle Endurance Progressions

A. Back Squat: in 15 minutes
Find 3 rep max

Fitness: Build to heavy 3 reps @30×2 tempo

Performance & Sport – go for it!

B. Murph Prep pt 5
20 Min AMRAP of: No rest after each round!
400m run
F: 10x Pull Ups
P:15x Pull Ups [S: CtB]
F: 20x Push Ups
P/S:30x Push Ups
F: 30x Squats
P/S:40x Squats

[For this 1st block of Murph prep we’ve gone from 2 min rest to 1 min rest now down to no rest.

We’re looking to have similar splits as we did on each previous week but with the reduced rest.

You’re going to have to push h arder to do it today…but…that’s kinda the point right?]