The High Voltage Weekly: May 19-25

The High Voltage Weekly: May 19-25

The High Voltage Weekly: May 19-25

It’s a BIG week…Here’s all the action that’s going on at the box!

1. Hayley competes at SoCal Regionals this weekend in Del Mar this weekend! If you’ve seen the programming it’s some really challenging WOD’s…with some of the most amazing athletes in the world.

She’s been training like crazy on her Individual Program Design [some hard hard double days in there!]. Come out & cheer her on as she shows the High Voltage motto “Full Effort is Full Victory”.

2. We are CLOSED on Memorial Day [next Monday]. Enjoy a great day with your friends & family!

3. Memorial Day Murph is less than 2 weeks away! Come out to our BIGGEST Community Event of the Year on Saturday May 31.

9am Doors Open.

9:30am Opening Ceremonies

10am-12pm Heats 1 2 & 3 go [every 40 minutes]

12-3pm…our Burbank Famous BBQ & Potluck!

And as always friends & family are welcome…just get a waiver from us in advance!

4. The Summer Meltdown 24 Day Challenge is heating UP! If you’re interested in getting a jump start over your hurdles to get summer sexy sign up with any Coach at the box! We’re STOKED to have so many people already jumping in with both feet…come join the fun.

The Summer Meltdown Runs June 2-26 for 24 totally dialed in days!

The Summer Meltdown is $220 (plus tax on supplements) and includes:

  • All Supplements needed over 24 days 
  • [herbal cleanse meal replacement shakes omega-3’s Metabolic Nutrition System Spark
  • Pre/Post Body Comp Measurements & Fitness Testing
  • Done-for-you nutrition booklet
  • Bonus Training designed to boost your metabolism

5. Drumroll Please….Coffee Blocks is having their ‘Block Party Launch Party’ at the gym for the next 3 days!

Our OG Firebreather Steven & you favorite Coach Tom are the latest in the line of volts & Vixens to launch a new product or business out of our box!

And that means it’s time to sound the High Voltage Community bell one more time to help our own!

Come by the box today & be the first to taste one hundred percent done for you bullet proof coffee! #gamechanger


Monday’s Training:


A. Back Squat Progressions! Getting closer to the end of this cycle…stay strong my friends.

Fitness: sets of 5 reps; 41×1 tempo

Performance/Sport: 90%


a set of 3 reps at 90% of your 1RM from the beginning of the cycle…not the new 3RM you crushed on Friday 🙂

The final set is an AMRAP. Many of you will be able to his 5 reps on the final set as your NME [neuro-muscular endurance] has improved greatly. Go for it!

B. 3 rounds for time -high effort!

200m run

30x KB Swings

15x Pull Ups [fitness; jumping/banded. Sport; Ctb in as few sets as possible or strict pull ups]


MAP: 7:30am

3 min on 1 min of x4 rest 3 min repeat

1. 7x Wall Ball 5x Pull Up

2. 7x KB Swing 5x Burpee

3. 7x Slam Ball 5x Box Jump

4. Row for cal