Thursday: May 22

Thursday: May 22

Thursday: May 22

-The Summer Meltdown is only 10 Days Away!!! The sign up sheet is now LIVE & next to the Whiteboard!

Get your name up there asap & let’s get beach sexy together! It doesn’t start until AFTER ‘Murph’ – so you can do all your damage now…& then get dialed in right after #perfectplan

And speaking of weightloss and practicing what you preach…let’s hear it from our very own Chef Stefan of Elite Eats who just finished his weightloss challenge & is on week 4 of the World’s Best Bridal Camp!

Reminder: Regular Schedule Friday Saturday & Sunday.

We are Closed Monday in observance of Memorial Day

-Thank you for our Coaches for covering extra classes this weekend so we can go down to Del Mar & cheer on #teamhayley to give her best possible effort at SoCal Regionals! Thank You BAMF Coaches!!!!

-Finally be ready for the Coffee Blocks kickstarter launching tomorrow….and help make everyone’s mornings easier #healthyfats



Thursday’s Training

Fitness Only: [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill: Kipping Progressions & Hollow Rock Chipper: 35x Hanging Knee Raises/Sit Ups 15x Burpees 35x KB Swings 15x Burpees 35x Box Jumps/Step Ups 15x Burpees 150 foot walking lunge [can be weighted]

Fitness/Performance [note: 4:30pm is Sport only]

A. 500m Row Time Trial B. Thursday Chipper [27 min cap] 50x Toes to Bar [fitness: Sit Ups/Hanging Knee Raises] 20x Burpees 50x DB Snatch [alt arms: Fitness – can sub to KB Swings] 20x Burpees 50x Box Jumps [box jumps or step ups] 20x Burpees 150 foot OH Walking Lunges to finish [45/25 adjust # as needed]

CrossFit Football [5:30am]

Strength: Back Squat 3×5 +5# from previous Accessory Strength: 3×5 Weighted Pull Up WOD: Complete 3 Front Squats and one (1) 30 yards Suicide Sprint on the minute for 8 minutes.

*Front Squat use 60% of most recent back squat 1 RM *For suicide run sprint 5 yards back peddle 5 yards sprint 10 yards back peddle 10 yards.