Tuesday: The High Voltage Weekly

Tuesday: The High Voltage Weekly

Tuesday: The High Voltage Weekly

Let’s give a big congrats to Hayley! She threw down on 7 extremely challenging WOD’s and finished ranked 25th place in all of SoCal.

More importantly she set PR’s on the Handstand walk Nasty Girls V2 Strict Handstand Push Ups Legless rope climb the 50’s and the pull up/OHS!

Most importantly she attacked every workout no matter how far outside of her previous wheel house it was.

Now here’s to 364 more days of training!

We’d like to give a VERY big Thank You to everyone who came out & supported her and our entire High Voltage Community! Thank you!


The High Voltage Weekly

1. This Saturday May 31 is ‘Murph’!!! 

9am check in begins

9:30am is our opening ceremonies & national anthem

10am heat 1 begins 10:40am heat 2 11:20am heat 3

Sign Up is on the whiteboard in the Goat work area

12pm the BBQ/Potluck begins

Friends & family are welcome but they must complete a waiver first.


2. The Summer Meltdown Begins next Monday June 2. We currently have 7 spaces remaining. 

Sign up is by the whiteboard! After Memorial Day Murph the time couldn’t be better!

The Challenge runs June 2-June 26 [24 days] – and on our most recent run we’ve had people lose between 7-19 pounds and 8-22″ on their site scores!

If you’re ready for even more results THIS is the time.


3. Our very own ‘World’s Best Boot Camp – Burbank’ & World’s Best Bridal Camp are set to have their 6 week Graduation next Saturday am [June 7]. 

Enlistment is LIVE for Platoon #005 which has Enlistment Day Saturday June 21.

If you know anyone who needs this kickstart & challenge please have them contact us ASAP as each of our previous camps have sold out!


Tuesday’s Training

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill 3×5 Strict Pull Ups & Strict Dips
Skill: Front Squat; sets of 5 reps; 31×1

WOD: Full Tabata at each station rest 30 sec to rotate

-Wall Ball
-Push Ups
-Row for Cal


A. Back Squat: 93% of previous 1RM
3-3-AMRAP rest 3 min between sets

B. ‘2/3 Full’
4 rounds 40 sec on 20 sec off then rotate

-Front Squat [Fitness: KB Performance; 95/65 Sport 135/95]
-Dips [Static or Ring] Fitness: Banded or Jumping sub to push ups
-Evil Wheel [this will be off the knees for most Sub to Sit ups for anyone who cannot do this to a fully extended position]

CrossFit FootBall [5:30am]

3×5 Power Clean +5# from previous

Accessory Strength:
Bench Press: 3×5 +5#

WOD: Complete 4 rounds:

Clapping Push Ups – Max reps
50 yard Farmer’s Walk – Heavy

*Rest 60 seconds between rounds