Wednesday: May 28: “Helen”

Wednesday: May 28: “Helen”

Wednesday: May 28: “Helen”

Derrick has become a rock at High Voltage.

Chances are if you’re new he’s one of the first people you’ll meet.

Chances are if you’re struggling on a WOD he’s there grabbing some equipment & doing the final reps with you.

Chances are if you’re at a competition like we were last weekend Derrick is the guy who there supporting you all weekend. He brought the tent staked out our spot made sure that we had everything we needed to perform our best and was ‘ring-side’ to cheer the entire time!

And finally…now that he’s finishing up his Instructor Training Program…Chances are you’re going to have a TON of fun in one of Derrick’s classes very shortly!

When we say ‘Full Effort’ it’s not only in our workouts & training but in every way that we carry ourselves.

Derrick epitomizes this and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

Show him some love gang he’s earned every bit of it!


Wednesday’s Training


Skill: Gymnastic Skills
Work on – 3-4x through
1. Hollow Rock Positioning [10-20 rocks keep it smooth then work on extending legs out to longer levers
2. Handstand [against the wall & free standing/with partner help]
3. Muscle Up Transitions/Kipping for Fitness [save the pull for Helen though]

WOD: “Helen”

3 Rounds for time

400m run

21x KB Swings

12x Pull Ups


MAP [Max Aerobic Power] 7:30am + 6:30pm

In 35 min complete AMRAP of the following;
10x Pull Ups + 15x Burpees rest 1 min
400m run rest 1 min
500m row rest 1 min