The High Voltage Weekly – June 2-June 8

The High Voltage Weekly – June 2-June 8

The High Voltage Weekly – June 2-June 8

1. Thank you ALL for making Saturday’s 5th Annual ‘Memorial Murph’ our BIGGEST & BEST one yet! 

We put over 100 Volts & Vixens [& super awesome friends] all variations of Murph giving your Full Effort in this Hero WOD and then having a great time at the BBQ. Thank you again to all our Volunteers our amazing photographers who capture the best moments for us every time everyone who helped our Day Care for watching our lil’ Volts & Vixens for the day…and anyone else who had a hand in the success of this event. Thank you!

2. The Summer Meltdown is 100% full!

Initial check-in is today! If you’re registered for this awesome #summersexy challenge you should have already received your email to set up your initial consult pre-challenge measurements & body comp testing photos bonus training explanation & 1 on 1 consult Monday between 3:30-8pm.

You’ll receive the entire supplements for the full 24 days answer any questions you have and then the Challenge starts Tuesday am! Cannot wait to see the amazing strides that this dedicated group makes!

3. We’ve got even MORE awesomeness planned this summer programming-wise…I’ll have a full description for you on this Thursday & Friday…but for now…we’re calling it ‘Benchmark Thursdays’ & ‘Max Out Fridays’.

Exactly what this entails might surprise you some…so stay tuned for the deets.

4. Enlistment is Live for the next World’s Best Boot Camp platoon #005 – for Enlistment Day on Saturday June 21 at the box. We currently are down to only 19 spaces remaining to go through our ‘6 week transformation machine’.

If you have friends or family who are close to wasting another summer not being lived to its fullest then THIS is the program for them.

It’s just 6 weeks we’ve had a 100% improvement rate in our previous camps on both body composition and fitness testing.

Plus word on the streets is that Coach Carly may be getting in on Commanding some of the sessions…and you don’t want to miss that awesomeness!

818-588-3514 to get your spot while it’s still there.

5. Last month we completely sold out of our Spark Starter Packs…and we brought on a bunch of brand new awesome Volts & Vixens!

We haven’t officially announced a membership cap but I know we’re getting close. I’ll be sure and let you know by next week exactly how close we are and what the next steps are to make sure and keep our Community operating at the highest level possible!

So…for this month we have 14 of them available. These are 3 classes over 5 days for just $39. And like last month once these are gone we’re done for the month. 818-848-8804 & get set up!

6. Finally...I’m SO excited about this…later this month we’ll be starting our Online Class check-in system!

The benefits to you are going to be HUGE; here’s a sample:

-Reserve your spot in your class ahead of time!

-See how many people are in a class before you get there – it’ll help those of you who like smaller classes for more personal attention and those who like larger classes for more energy & commaraderie.

-The workout tracker is connected to your log-in account. This way the coaches of your class can have easy access to how much you’re progressing!

-An online leaderboard that you can see through out the day & even embed top scores or gym records onto the website.

-Easily update your account info [new address new phone number updated cc etc]

-and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For now…just hang tight…we’ll be sure to let you know exactly what you’re supposed to do 🙂


Monday’s Training:


A. Alternating EMOM 10 min [Cleans then hollow rock alternating minutes]

Fitness: Hang Power Clean x5 reps/Hollow Rock x10

Performance/Sport: 3 reps working up in weight/Hollow Rock x15-20


B. 4 rounds for max reps

1 min per station rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete [15 min total]

-Hang Power Cleans [Fitness: Hpc or KB Swings Performance: 115/75# Sport: 155/105#]

-Row for Cal

-Double Unders [fitness – single unders]

MAP [Max Aerobic Power: 7:30am…but I’m thinking of changing the name…thoughts?]

4 min on 1 min off x3 rest 3 min repeat

-8x KB Clean [alt arm 4 each arm] 8x No push up burpee

-5x Toes to bar 20x Double Unders

-Row for Cal