Friday: Max Out Fridays & Sweat Angels!

Friday: Max Out Fridays & Sweat Angels!

Friday: Max Out Fridays & Sweat Angels!

First Up – We’re talking Sweat Angels!

Sweat Angels is an organization that takes your Facebook Check-Ins to the gym [and in this case our gym] and we give donations based on how many check in we have each month!

Each month they choose a different cause to support.


This month every 2 check ins to our gym facebook page [here] – will donate 1 minute of Diabetes Research…

So if we think of how many people we have in our Community…

And how many times you come to train in a month…

That’s A LOT of real world good we can do together!


Now that you’re at the box & all checked in [because you do real world good ya know]…

It’s time to kick off Max Out Fridays!

Today we’re going #ham on gymnastics & bodyweight skills – then some nastiness at the end…but we love nastiness don’t we.



Friday’s Training:


A. Max Strict Pull ups [any grip;  total of 3 attempts]

Fitness: Ring Rows @1010 tempo [total of 3 attempts]

B. Max L-Sit Hold: total of 3 attempts

C. 4 min max reps rest 1 min [start at your worst station – max out there – then go to the next]

1. Max Static Dips [sub to push ups or banded]

2. Max Front Leaning Rest on Rings [sub to plank hold]

3. Max Distance Row