Thursday: Benchmark Thursdays are…ON!

Thursday: Benchmark Thursdays are…ON!

Thursday: Benchmark Thursdays are…ON!

Kimberly has been CRUSHING it lately…she’s been back with us for a few months now…decided to step up her fitness game by then joining the World’s Best Boot Camp and just did her first Murph! Then…she decided with ‘all that fitness’ that she was gonna upgrade to Unlimited Training…super awesome challenge to take on right there! Let’s show her some love gang!


Today marks the beginning our of 2014 Summer of Awesomenes with our Benchmark Thursdays! 

Today…we’re starting it off with ‘Grace’ for our Fitness/Performance Classes and ‘Cindy’ for our Fitness class.

So get out your logbooks…find your old ‘Grace’ PR [personal record] time…and prepare to put your name on the June PR board!

Cuz it’s going DOWN today at High Voltage!


Thursday’s Training

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Skill: Review Kipping Pull Ups + Proper push up mechanics & points of performance on air squat

20 min AMRAP
5x Pull Ups
10x Push Ups
15x Squats
Scale to 3x Pull Ups 6x Push Ups 9x Squats or scale as needed]


Ax4 Power Clean + Power Jerk x3 [clean + jerk clean + jerk clean +jerk]

Working up in weight

B. “Grace” – 2 heats

30 Clean & Jerks for time

Performance: 135/95

Fitness: Scale weight as needed work from the hang as needed [can be hang power clean + Push Press]

C. Tabata Sit Ups Low Score


CrossFit Football

Strength: Power Clean: 5×3 +5#

WOD: 4 rounds of the ‘Ensign’

3 Minutes AMRAP rest 3 min

3 x Cleans @ 155 lbs/105#
6 x Pushups
9 x Air Squats/Dips (Do Air Squats on odd numbered rounds and ring dips on even numbered rounds)