The High Voltage Weekly: June 9-15

The High Voltage Weekly: June 9-15

The High Voltage Weekly: June 9-15

Hey gang…it’s that time again…you know Monday…and that means…

It’s the High Voltage Weekly! 


1. Today we’re re-testing our 1RM & 85% Nueromuscular Endurance [NME] maxes from April 7.

Our 2 month squat cycle is finally done. I’m so happy for how much everyone really dug into this program!

Now…it’s time to go for it!


2. Enlistment is LIVE for our 5th World’s Best Boot Camp on Saturday June 21 at 8am.

We had graduation on Saturday for Platoon #004…and for the FOURTH TIME IN A ROW…we had a 100% improvement rate.

This includes body composition testing [meaning everyone lost the right inches & put on lean muscle and left with a better booty] and improved on their Push Up Pimp Squat Goddess and Boot Camp Baseline Tests!

If you want to find out more [for you or for a friend…no really…for a friend!] just call Carly at 818-588-3514.


3. Our 24 Day Summer Meltdown Challengers are entering Week 2! The first week is the hardest but this is really a challenge you have to take day by day…one good decision at a time. It’s easy to be good at the start then cram at the end [remind you of college anyone?]…but it’s the middle where the magic happens.

Stay focused reach out to your Meltdown Challenge Coach with any questions or if you just need some extra support.


4. We’ve been chosen to host the next ‘California Affiliate League’ Competition on Saturday June 28 from 3-7ish pm.

I really want to show everyone just how hard we rock at High Voltage. That means…I’m going to need you & your awesome help!

If you’re interested in being part of this awesome event in any way [volunteer/judge/scorekeeper/random task/set up/etc] please reach out at & we’ll see how we can best make use of your awesome talents!


5. Finally…Sweat Angels is ON! This month for every 2 check-ins we get on Facebook we will make a donation to Diabetes Research!

So…check in early & often…and why not start today. Rumor has it that if you check in before you squat you’ll PR today.

Only one way to find out!


6. Regular Schedule this week at the box through the weekend!


Monday’s Training:


‘Buns & Guns’

A. In 20 min find a 1RM Back Squat! [Goal is to re-test your 1RM back squat from April 7[

B. Then take 85% of 1RM & perform max reps [goal is to increase high % of repeated effort/neuromuscular endurance ALSO at a higher weight – if you can do this…that’s the jam!]
Fitness: 30×0 one attempt.

P/S: No tempo one attempt.

C. 5 min AMRAP

Max Unbroken Push Ups [Sport: Ring or Parallette]

Every break = 100m run

Score is total push ups

MAP: [7:30am]

7 min on 2 min off x4

1. 8x Wall Ball +50x Jump Rope Passes

2. Row 15 Cal + 10x Burpee

3. 20x Walking Lunge Steps + 5x T2B

4. 10x Slam Ball + 100m Run