Wednesday: June 11 2014

Wednesday: June 11 2014

Wednesday: June 11 2014

Day Care is ON! If you’re new to the party & didn’t know about our awesome professional day care & super sweet lil’ Voltz room – you can find out more here.


We’re proud to announce that High Voltage is hosting it’s first open to the public competition!

It’s Saturday June  28 from 3-7pm [ish] for the Cal Affiliate League!

We’ll have 3 divisions so everyone can participate.

So – if you’re interested in throwing your hat in the ring you can get registered HERE.

Or – if you’re more of a behind the scenes make everything more awesome type Volt or Vixen…then email because we’re gonna need your awesomeness to make this event the best one they’ve ever had!

Finally if you’re interested in having a booth here for your business also email me & we’ll get you set up!


Wednesday’s Training


Ax4 sets. Structural:

2 KB Walking Lunge down floor [front rack position] + RDL x8 reps


B. 6 sets; 30 sec power clean 30 sec double unders rest 1 min

Fitness: DB Power Clean or MB Clean + 3-1 Single

Performance: 135/90#

Sport: heavy

MAP [Max Aerobic Power] 7:30am + 6:30pm – if you haven’t come check this class out!

It’s  perfect for band new Volts & Vixens as well as OG’s!

‘The 300 Workout’ AMRAP style
in 30 min complete AMRAP of the following

25x Pullups
50x Deadlift 135/95 lbs. [scale lighter – even to KB Deadlift for newbies is GREAT]
50x Pushups
50x Box Jumps [rx swould be 24/20]
50x Floor Wipers*** [sub to weighted sit up w/bumper plate – see notes below for floor wipers]
50x KB Clean & Press– 36/25 [or KB Swing]
25x Pullups

If you finish rest 2 min then go for rd 2