Friday: Max Out Friday, Pt Deux!

Friday: Max Out Friday, Pt Deux!

Friday: Max Out Friday, Pt Deux!

Regular Schedule this weekend! If you don’t normally come to High Voltage over the weekend you’re missing out BIG TIME!

Weekends are the perfect opportunity to ‘customize’ your training at the box w/an individual touch designed to help you maximize your goals.

Check it out!

Friday – Max Our Friday!

Saturday – 9am CrossFit Football

10am Team WOD [parter that WOD UP!]

11am Barbell Strength

Sunday – 10am…The Energizer [aka Long WOD]


Reminder for our 24 Day Summer Meltdown Challengers!

Depending on your start date either today or tomorrow most of you will begin the MAX phase of the challenge.

This means that you’ve got all the prep work done…and it’s time to really get #summersexy

We’re already seeing some AMAXING results so far…and we’re not even 10 days in…so what do you do now?

Dial it up one more notch. If you need reach out to your roster coach with any questions or clarifications you need.

And finally stay 100% compliant!!!


Friday’s Training


A. Power Clean: In 15 min find 1RM

Fitness: Hang Power Clean or Front Squat as needed [3 rep or 1 rep depending on technique]


B. In 8 min max reps of heaviest A

Fitness: KB Swing [Russian or Overhead]

Performance: 80%

Sport: 90%


C. Max Sit Ups in 5 min

Fitness: Sit Ups

Performance: 25/10# plate overhead

Sport: 45/25# overhead