The High Voltage Weekly

The High Voltage Weekly

The High Voltage Weekly

This week…at the box!

1. We’re LIVE with Enlistment for our next World’s Best Boot Camp which starts this Saturday at 8am-9:30am at the box [this means no 9am this Saturday].

We’re filling this camp up with some super motivated individuals. People who are ready to tone up get healthy get sexy and get their summer back!

If you know anyone that fits this description [and don’t we all] we’d love to talk to them to see if they’re right for our program. 818-848-8804


2. I’m trying something new on the blog today…I’m posting not only today’s training…but also Tuesday’s training.

So…why am I doing this?

Well a few reasons really.

First I’m stoked that we don’t have a gym of WOD-cherry pickers. In fact I get tons of questions all the time about how our Volts & Vixens can continue to work on their weaknesses understand the programming better and generally be more awesome.

This is a step in helping everyone come to the box even more prepared help plan their week their work their fueling and their recovery schedules even better.

Let me know what you think – after all this is your journey to living the healthiest life possible…I’m just here to try pull off a help AMRAP!


3. Next Saturday June 28 we’re hosting our FIRST competiton with the Cal Affiliate League [3pm-7pmish]. For those of you who want to compete click HERE.

Or…if you’d rather be a part of the team that pulls off the most AWESOME competition ever then let’s team up with& make it happen. Yes we’ll have a role for you 🙂


4. Online Check-in….we’re getting closer. Very close in fact. I’m super excited about this and how much it’s going to help everyone with their training & accountability. For now still just hang tight…you’ll definitely know when it’s ready. There’s a great mobile app for it too…probably within the next couple weeks you’ll be getting an email with full instructions video instructions [I mean I AM tv’s Tim Thackrey after all] and we’ll go over it in your classes.


Monday’s Training


A. Alt MOM for 12 min
A1. Deadlift x5 working up in weight working up then last 2 sets at same weight
A2. Pull Ups x3-5 reps

Fitness: Negatives as slow as possible
Performance: Strict or weighted can be broken
Sport: Strict +Weighted + Unbroken

B. The LONG Tabata x4 rotating through no additional rest period
40 sec work 20 sec rest
-OHS [Sport: 135/95 Performance: 95/65 Fitness: Barbell/Front Squat]
-Pull Ups [Sport: CtB Perf: Chin Fitness: Jumping/Banded/Ring Row


MAP [7:30am]

8 min on 3 min off x3 sets

Start at your WORST station…push hard there when you’re most fresh. Then rotate!

1. 10x KB Swings
5x Burpees

2. 30x Double Unders
100m Run

3. 100m Row
10x Slam ball


And Tuesday’s Training!

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill: Rowing Technique

Skill: Front Squat x8; 31×1

WOD: 1 min per station  rest 1 min after all 4 stations are complete

-KB Front Squat

-Pull Ups/ring rows

-Row [for Cal]

-Lemon Squeezers



A1. 400m run rest 30 sec then:
A2. Pull Up work
Fitness: 10-12x Push Ups rest 60 sec
Performance: Muscle Up Transition x5 rest 60 sec
Sport: Muscle Ups x5 rest 60 sec

B. 15 min AMRAP rest 90 sec after each set [anaerobic repeats]

Row 150m then:
Fitness: KB Swings x15
Performance: Hang Squat Clean x6
Sport: Hang Squat Clean x8

CrossFit Football [5:30am – through the end of June!]

Strength: Back Squat 3×5 +5#

Accessory Strength: Weighted Pull Up 3×5

WOD: Complete 5 rounds for time:

Barbell Walking Lunges @ 35%- 40% of 1 RM Squat (5 each side) – 10 reps
Dynamic Push Ups – 10 reps [clapping push ups or push ups onto plates]
Sprint 100 meters

*Barbell walking lunge is done by placing a bar on your front rack and lunging out until your back knee touches the ground then stand up and repeat.