Friday: Maxes, Pt 3!

Friday: Maxes, Pt 3!

This weekend at the box!

If you don’t normally come to High Voltage on the weekends you’re missing out…

Weekends provide the opportunity to individualize your own training and help reach your personal fitness goals…faster!

This weekend we have Enlistment Day for the World’s Best Boot Camp Platoon #005 from 8-9:30a [no 9am class]

For a fun & creative WOD check out Team WOD at 10am!

Ready to get stronger & better with the barbell? Come throw some weight around at Barbell Strength at 11am!

Bad on a Saturday night? Come sweat it out at one of our most popular classes – The Energizer [aka long wod] on Sunday at 10am!

Because weekends rule at CFHV!


Friday’s Training/Maxes


A. Max Weight Overhead Squat in 12 minutes [sub to front squat or push press]

B. Max Reps @50% of 1RM – 1 attempt

C. 1 min maxes

Max reps rest 1 min to rotate

-Pull Ups [Fitness: Ring Row Performance: Chin over Bar Sport: CtB]

-Shuttle Run [5m out 5m back]

-Slam Ball

-Row for Distance

-Seated DB Strict Press

-Double Unders