Monday: The High Voltage Weekly

Monday: The High Voltage Weekly

Monday: The High Voltage Weekly

This week at the box! 

1. This Saturday we’re hosting the Cal Affiliate League competition at the gym. It’s set to run from 3pm- about 7:30pm.

If you’re interested in competing they have beginner intermediate & advanced divisions: here’s the link!  It says it’s sold out but we’re working with the event organizers to get more of you in on the awesome. Select the ‘waitlist’ link…and prepare to be amazing on Saturday!

If you’d just like to come out & support we always love that too!

2. Congrats to Coach Dan & Tom Jankas for completing the Invictus Athlete Camp this past weekend! They got a chance to learn from & train with many CrossFit Games competitors…let’s pick their brains of everything they learned to help make our training better.

3. This is the FINAL week for our 30 Summer Meltdown Challengers! 24 days are almost over…keep it dialed in. Make sure to set your appointment for your post-challenge measurements on either Thursday night or Friday day.

4. One more full week of CrossFit Football…then it goes to re-testing week [next week]! It’s been an amazing initial run for the program and thank you all who come out early to make it happen!

5. Working on something really cool for the weekends & start of the month…not quite there yet…but I think it’s gonna be really awesome #hopefully

6. We will be closed next Friday for the 4th of July. Enjoy the day with your friends & family.

7. Finally…be ready for the email this week for our Online Class Check In! It’ll have details of how to log in download the mobile app to your phone and a bunch of other cool tools. We’ll be providing a ton of support as this roll out happends so no need to stress at all…we’ve got your back.

Aaaand….we’re very close to launching our automated retail set up at the gym. This has been another thing we’ve been working on for quite a while with some really smart people 🙂 It’ll make getting exactly what you need to stay in the game even more efficient…you know…kinda like CrossFit!


Monday’s Training



A1. Front Squat x5 reps rest rest 30 sec
A2. AMRAP HSPU in 20 seconds
Sport: HSPU strict
Performance: Kipping HSPU
Fitness: Piked off a box or regular push ups
Rest 1 min before A1.

B. CAL WOD 2 run through

1 min 1 min rest 1 min [run in waves as needed]
1 min Squat Clean for max reps [fitness =front squats no rx weightes but adv/int divisions are (185/125)(155/105)

1 min row for cal
rest 1 min
1 min power clean [fitness = Front Squats P/S = same weight/bar as Squat Cleans]
1 min row for cal
rest 1 min
repeat this sequence one more time through [so it takes 12 min total]


MAP [Max Aerobic Power: 7:30am]

Full Tabata at Each Station rest 30 seconds to rotate
Score is low score at each station

Ring Rows
Push Ups
Russian KB Swings [for faster turnover]
Jump Rope
Wall ball
Row [For Cal]


And Tuesday’s Training!

Fitness Only [6:30pm perfect for beginners]

Pre-Skill: 3×5 Strict Pull Ups
Skill: Deadlift x5 reps 2020 tempo

WOD: Full tabata at each station 30 sec rest to rotate start at any station

1. Deadlift

2. Ring Rows

3. Burpees

Alt EMOM for 12 min
1. Deadlift x3 working up in weight [building off of last Monday’s set of 5]
2. Pull Up x3 [building off of last Monday’s set of 5]
Sport =weighted +Strict + Unbroken [working up in weight if possible]
Performance = strict [weighted if possible] broken is ok
Fitness =negatives as slow as possible

B. For time [12 min cap – how far can you get]
CAL affiliate league WOD #1

30x KB Swing [70&53 sport 53/35 performance scale as needed fitness]
10x Burpee* [every * = 10 burpees which happen after every movement is complete]
20x OHS [135/95 Sport 95/65 Performance KB Front Squat Fitness
10x Ctb Pull up
5x Power Snatch
10x CtB Pull Up
20x OHS
30x KBS

CrossFit Football [5:30am]
Strength: Deadlift 3×5 +5#
Accessory Strength: Weighted Pull Up 3×5

WOD: Complete 8 rounds

16-20″ Lateral Hops (2 feet) – 5 reps
Sprint 20 yards

Rest 60 seconds between rounds

*Start on the side of the hurdle/cone/box and perform a lateral jump over the obstacle landing in a good athletic position. Immediately hop back over the box repeating this movement. On the fifth jump land land in a good athletic position transition into a 20 yard sprint.
*Alternate starting sides every round.
*Use a 16-20″ obstacle for your hops