Wednesday [& Thursdsay], June 25 & 26

Wednesday [& Thursdsay], June 25 & 26

Wednesday [& Thursdsay], June 25 & 26

Courtney’s been training with us for a while and is absolutely crushing it! She’s got a great engine solid gymnastics work starting to get really strong…but most of all has a positive attitude that we all can feed off of!

That’s the recipe for awesomeness…keep it up Courtney!


Wednesday’s Training


A1. DB/KB Bench Press x8; 31×1 tempo rest 30 sec
A2. GHD Sit Up x10-15 rest 30 sec
A3. KB Walking Lunge x8 each leg [front rack position -S/P = 2kb in front rack F=hold it like a goblet squat]

B. Chippah pt duex [18 min to go as far as you can – if it looks similar…it is…it’s opposite from last week!]

400m run
100x Double Unders
50x OH Walking Lunge
35x Toes to bar [sub to sit ups]
20x DB Snatch [alt arms]
35 Burpees
50x KB Swings

MAP [Max Aerobic Power – this class is blowing up! 7:30am + 6:30pm]

3 min on 1 min off x4 rest 4 min repeat the entire sequence- goal is same score!

Rds 1&3 are same
Rds 2&4 are same
Start at either station

Row 100m 8x Burpee 20x Dubs [adv = 30 dubs]

Run 100m 8x Toes to Bar 10x Alt DB Snatch


And Thursday’s Training

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Skill: Push Press x8 w/1 second hold overhead
Benchmark WOD: 10 min Work Capacity Test [score it total reps]
4 min row for cal
3 min Pull ups [Chin jumping banded ring rows]
2 min KB Goblet Squat
1 min DB push press


Fitness/Performance [Note: Firebreathers is at 4:30pm & requires test in]

Ax4-5. Press Push Press Push Jerk Complex

P/S: 1x Press 3x Push Press 5x Push Jerk working up in weight

F: 3x Press 5x Push Press

B. Benchmark WOD: 10 min Work Capacity Test [score is total reps]
4 min max cal row
3 min pull ups [S: Ctb/P:Chin/F:Jumping]
2 min Back squat [S: bwt men 2/3bwt women: P: 80% BWT Men 50% Women: Fitness: scale as needed]
1 min Shoulder to overhead [135/95 95/65 DB’s as needed]


CrossFit Football [5:30am]

Strength: 3×5 Back Squat +5# from previous

Accessory Strength: 3×5 Bench Press +5 from previous

CFFB Benchmark: Prowler – Down Back Down for time.

Back 45’s on each side guys 25’s on each side ladies

Score Best of 2 sets [rest is when someone else is suffering…I mean…going]