Friday…and the Weekend!

Friday…and the Weekend!

Friday…and the Weekend!

24 Day Summer Meltdown Final Challenge Post Testing is TODAY at the box! We’ve had some absolutely incredible results from those of you testing on Thursday…who thinks we can go 100% improvement in just 24 days?


-And…It’s gonna be an awesome weekend at the box…

Saturday Night Lights starts at 4pm Saturday night & runs until 8pm.

Our Volts & Vixens competing are:

Stephanie Casey Coach Dan Steven & Tom Jankas!

-No 11am Barbell Strength Class on Saturday…but…CrossFit Football is ON at 9am! Come by & lift heavy early!

-10am Team WOD is also on and of course everyone’s favorite Energizer on Sunday at 10am!

But first let’s all max out!


Friday’s Training

‘Max Out Friday’…all summer long baby!


Max Out Friday!

A. In 10 min EMOM – max hang Snatch [Power or Squat depending on ability]

B. Max Hang on Pull up Bar [just…hang on!]

C. Max Hand Stand Hold against the wall [beginners sub to max plank hold]

D. In 10 min;

400m Farmers walk

Once you come in max rep unbroken double unders

Every break = 5 push ups