The High Voltage Weekly [June 30-July 6]

The High Voltage Weekly [June 30-July 6]

The High Voltage Weekly [June 30-July 6]

Well hello everyone in the High Voltage & extended High Voltage Community [you’d be surprised to see how many people contact us that do our programming around the country and those who we do remote coaching/program design for – so they’re in on this too]!!!

It’s the end of June that means it’s finally heating up so we’ve had the good gentlemen from Apex [Pete & Coach Craig yeah he crushed his ITP final test!] come by & make sure we’re full systems go on keeping the gym comfortable while you go through uncomfortable workouts!

And on that note…it’s time for the High Voltage Weekly!

1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who had a hand in the success of our Saturday Night Lights Competition!

We’re always at a combination of blown away and incredibly grateful for anyone who steps up to lend a hand…and this time we got to show it off to everyone!

The competition ran flawlessly we had so many competitors come up to us and say how they were so happy with how organized the event was how it ran on time how friendly every Volt or Vixen was that the judging was fair…I mean…it’s pretty much every single compliment you want to hear when you host an event like this…and you all CRUSHED IT! One athlete even said he’d set aside his entire night becauase these things usually are so disorganized & run late…I told him welcome to how we roll at High Voltage 🙂

Not that I’m shocked at all…just passing along all the good vibes that were passed on to me Saturday Night & on messages & emails on Sunday.

And again thank you to everyone. You Rock!

2. Congrats to everyone who repped the #electricnation on Saturday night!

Congrats to Stephanie Perrin who came in 2nd place in the Women’s Scaled Division! Congrats to Casey Vinke who came in 6th in Women’s Intermediate in her first competition! Congrats to Coach Dan Crawley who came in 2nd in men’s Intermediate & got on the podium for his first time [an awesome accomplishment]. Congrats to Steven Kiefer who j u s t missed out on the podium and earned 4th place in Men’s Advanced. And congrats to Tom Jankas to came in 2nd place in Men’s Advanced  & beat everyone on the Airdyne by a mile [or so]!

3. Congrats to everyone who finished the Summer Meltdown 24 Day Challenge…stay tuned for some insane before/after photos later this week!

4. We are closed this Friday for the 4th of July! Your WOD?

Rest & enjoy time with your family. 24 hour AMRAP. Go get it! We will be doing Hero WOD’s all day on the 3rd of July and Hero Team WOD on the 5th [10am]

5. We’ve set the date & timeline for our next uber popular Barbell Strength Cycle!


It’s going to run for 11 weeks from Sept 6 through Nov 22. Coach Pnutz Coach Brown Bear & I set the schedule so there’s no overlap with major holidays and there’s enough time [3 months] to turn your new found strength into an amazing engine for the 2015 Open. #plantosucceed


Monday’s Training


A. Alt EMOM for 12 minutes

A1. Thruster x5 reps

[Fitness/Performance = from a rack]

Sport = From the ground for the 1st rep [remaining reps just turn them over it’s not 5x squat clean thrusters]

A2. Pull Ups

Fitness: x3 negatives [weighted negatives if possible]

Performace: x1 rep weighted working up to max

Sport: x1 rep weighted working up to max

B. 15 min AMRAP [all reps are from the ground] AnAerobic Repeats

Fitness: 7x DB Thrusters Sprint 100m rest 1 min

Performance: 7x Thrusters @60% of heaviest A Sprint 100m rest 90 sec

Sport: 7x Thrusters @75% of heaviest A Sprint 100m rest 90 sec

MAP [7:30am]

MAP: 1 min on 1 min off x7 rest 3 min repeat – score is total reps

1. Row for Cal
2. Push Ups
3. Pull Ups
4. Sit Ups
5. Wall Ball
6. Slam Ball
7. Double Unders


And Tuesday’s Training

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill: GHD Back Extension 3×5-8 reps

Skill: Deadlift:

Build to a 5RM touch & go Deadlift

WOD: 10 min AMRAP

5x Burpees

10x KB Swings

15x Sit Ups



A. In 20 Minutes Build to a 1RM Deadlift

B. 10 min AMRAP

20x Push Ups [Sport: Ring Push Ups/Parallette Push Ups]

20x Sit Ups [Fitness: Sit Ups Sport: V-Ups Performance either/or]

20x Overhead Walking Lunge Steps [Fitness: just lunges Performance: 25/10 Sport: 45/25]


CrossFit Football [5:30am]

Strength: Testing

In 20 Min build to a 1RM Deadlift

In 15 min build to a 1RM Bench Press

WOD: Testing

350m row for time

rest 2 min repeat – note score + any fall off between sets