Wednesday & Thursday, July 2&3

Wednesday & Thursday, July 2&3

Wednesday & Thursday, July 2&3

Congrats to our Vixen Hayley who pulled her first 400# deadlift today…and she did it twice! #amazing!!!

-Hero wod’s all day Thursday!

-We’re closed Friday for 4th of July! Want a WOD for home? 150 burpees for time 🙂 Ok…not that one? 150 hand stand push ups for time.

-Regular Schedule on the 5th & 6th!


Wednesday’s Training


Ax3 for movement quality

A1. GHD Back Extension x8-10

A2. Turkish Get Ups x3 each arm

A3. Rope Climb x2 ADAP [or 4 rope pulls]


B. 10 min AMRAP rest 2 min start over at the beginning & repeat]

Run x200m

Double Unders [Fitness: 50x Rope passes Performance x25 dubs Sport x50 dubs]

Pull Ups [Fitness x10 jumping or ring row Performance x15 Sport x15 Ctb or 7x Muscle Ups]

Farmers Walk x100m


MAP [Max Aerobic Power: 7:30am/6:30pm]

6 min AMRAP rest 2 min do each one x2 alternating [no extended rest interval]

Set 1.

Run 100m

20x Double Unders

10x Pull Ups


Set 2.

Run 200m

10x No-Push Up Burpees

10x Box Jump + Step Down




And Thursday’s HERO Benchmark! [Reminder we’re closed on the 4th/Friday]

Fitness Only [6:30pm – perfect for beginners!]

Skill: Review Running Technique + Strict Pull Ups & Dips 3×5

WOD: “Michael”

3 Rounds for time

800m run

50x Sit Ups

50x Back Extensions




20 min AMRAP of; [note – for today the Performance version is how it’s rx/written]

10x Push Press [S: 135/95 P: 115/75 F: Scale as needed]

10x KB Swings [S: 70/53 P: 53/35 F: Scale as needed]

10x Box Jumps + Step Down [S:30/24 P: 24/20 F: Step Up/Step Down or lateral hurdle jump


CrossFit Football

‘The Ensign’

This consists of six rounds of the following:

3 Minutes AMRAP of:

3 x Cleans @ 155/105 [scale as needed]
6 x Pushups
9 x Air Squats/Dips (Do Air Squats on odd numbered rounds and ring dips on even numbered rounds)