Wednesday & Thursday, July 9 &10

Wednesday & Thursday, July 9 &10

Wednesday & Thursday, July 9 &10

‘Sometimes the magic happens in the class…in the moment. Other times it’s the moments after a great training session when you’ve had your little piece of tranquility & you and your buddies can sit around and watch someone try to do something amazing.’ 


-Great news…because we’ve gotten such great feedback…and some amazing results from our CrossFit Football class…

It’s gonna be a regular thing!

Here’s how we plan to run it for now…10 weeks of CFFB 2 weeks of regular awesome High Voltage programming [which will work as a good ‘deload’ from the progressions] and then back onto another 10 week cycle.

More deets to come…but Coach Tom & I had a great talk yesterday about the future of the program…and the future looks good!

-Vixens class is ON this Sunday at 9am! Calling all of our amazing ladies for our monthly Vixen’s Only WOD! All levels are welcome to take on this challenge!!!


Wednesday’s Training:


Ax4. Power Snatch x3 + behind neck push press + 3x OHS working up in weight

Fitness: From the hang

P/S: as rx’d

Plenty of shoulder mobility for warm up/sub to clean or front squat as needed]

B. 7 min AMRAP
OHS & Double Unders

Fitness: 5RFT
10x KB Front Squat + 100x Jump Rope Passes
Performance: 10x OHS 95/65 + 30/50 double unders [depending on ability]

Sport: 10x OHS [115/75 or heavier] + 50 double unders unbroken

MAP: 7:30am/6:30pm

4 min on 2 min off x3 rest 4 min repeat [start at worst station]
5x OHS light-ish [sub to kb front squat
20x Double unders

10x Burpees
50m uneven farmers walk [25 Right hand 25m Left hand]

3. Row for Cal at 2k pace


And Thursday’s Benchmark Training:

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

A. ‘CrossFit Baseline’ [the retest of many of your first CrossFit WOD!]
for time:
500m row
40x Squats
30x Push Ups
20x Push Ups
10x Pull Ups

B. Tabata Sit Ups low Score

Fitness/Performance [Sport is ON at 4:30pm for Firebreathers!]


A1. DB Bench Press x8; 30×0

A2. GHD Sit Up x10-12
B. ‘Nicole’
20 min AMRAP
400m run
Max Rep Pull ups

Score is max rep pull ups

Can sub to Ring Rows or any movement you & your coach find fits best for you

CrossFit Football

Strength: Back Squat: Find 1RM

Accessory Strength: Find 1RM Weighted Pull Up

WOD: 5 min AMRAP

5x Pull Ups 10x Slam Ball 30x Double Unders