Friday: Max Out Friday & Vixens Class!

Friday: Max Out Friday & Vixens Class!

Friday: Max Out Friday & Vixens Class!

This Sunday…we need all the ladies of High Voltage to come on out & support each other…

Because rumor has it…Coach Dizzle is bringing the HEAT at our monthly Women’s Only CrossFit Class!

It’s this Sunday at 9am – and we’re looking to have our BIGGEST turn out ever for this Vixen’s WOD.

Ladies…it’s time to step up & represent…and we’ll see you there on Sunday at 9am.


Interested in how Barbell Strength class formulates it’s monthly programming and focus?

Yeah we thought so!

Well this Saturday at 11am Coaches Pnutz & Brown Bear are going to go over the big goals to accomplish in your strength training this July..

As well as the methodology behind the accessory strength positioning & skill work that they cover.

So – if you’ve been through the barbell cycle many times it’s a great chance to re-focus your long term gains and dig in!

If you’re new it’s an opportunity to understand more about the progressions that have been effective for so many Volts & Vixens!


And Friday’s Max Out Training:


A. Back Squat: 5 rep Max in 18 minutes
Fitness: 30×1 tempo
P/S: Go for it!

B. Max rep seated press in 3 min

Fitness: DB’s

P/S: DB or empty barbell [45/33]

C. 5 min for as many cycles as you can complete

5x KB Swings 5x KB Front Squats [unbroken]

+1 rep for each round [6&6 then 7&7…- must be unbroken]