Monday: The High Voltage Weekly!

Monday: The High Voltage Weekly!

-Team High Voltage is ON this Saturday at 1pm! We’ve got a really cool training session planned for all of be there!

-Thank you to everyone who came out for our new Monthly Barbell Cycle kick-off & our super awesome Montly Vixen’s WOD! They rocked!

-CrossFit Football is off this week & next week but 9am Saturday is still on. We start a new CFFB cycle in 2 weeks.


Monday’s Training:


A. In 15 min find 1RM Thruster
Sport: From Ground

Performance: From Rack
Fitness: From Rack

B. 5 sets
10x Thruster 10x Pull up

Fitness: DB/Ring Row/Banded Pull Up rest 60 sec
Performance: 95/65 + Kipping Pull Up rest 90 sec
Sport: 115-135/75-85 + CtB Pull Up rest 90 sec

MAP: 2 min on 1 min off x4 rest 3 min repeat
1. 8x DB Thruster + 4x Pull Up
2. 20x Dubs + 8x V-Ups/Sit Ups
3. 8x KB Swing + 4x Burpee
4. Row for Cal


Tuesday’s Training:

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill: Dips: 3×5 partner assisted

Skill: Deadlift x8 reps 2020

Full Tabata at each station. One round rest at the end of 8 sets.

1. Row for Cal

2. Push Ups

3. Deadlift

Fitness/Performance/Sport [including 5:30am for the next 2 weeks]

12 Min EMOM:
A1. 2x Hang Power Clean working up in weight last 2 sets at same weight

Fitness: HPC x3
A2. Weighted Dip x3 reps working up in weight

Fitness: Push Ups ADAP x10-12

B. AnAerobic Repeats – 14 min AMRAP
8x Hang Power Clean 2/3 of A
10x Burpee AFAP
+ Dubs:

F: 50x Jump Rope Passes/ Performance: 20x Dubs: Sport: 30x Dubs

Fitness: rest 1 min

Performance/Sport: rest 2 min

CrossFit Football is off for this week & next week. 9am Saturday is still going to be on + awesome but we start a new CFFB cycle in 2 weeks.