The High Voltage Weekly! July 21-17

The High Voltage Weekly! July 21-17

It’s CrossFit Games week….can you feel the excitement in the air?

What’s super cool this year is that every night [Fri/Sat/Sun] the Games will be shown on ESPN ESPN2 & ESPN3 over the weekend. No word on if ‘The Ocho’ is going to be on board. For full viewing info – check it out here:

You can also live stream the entire event on If you’ve got AppleTV it’s pretty sweet to just post up on the couch & enjoy!

1. In honor of the CrossFit Games we’re having Bring A Friend Days at the box Thursday through Sunday!

We’ve never done it for this many days before…and never for this long with our regularly-super-awesome programming!

That means bring a buddy bring a few. You’ll be their ‘ambassador’ during the WOD.

[don’t ditch em this is a great chance to ‘show off’]

We’ll of course have our Fitness/Performance/Sport Programming ready so everyone can get a great training session in and have it be appropriate for their level.

2. Enlistment is OPEN for Platoon 006 of the World’s Best Boot Camp: Burbank.

The 6 week Transformation Machine begins Satuday June 16 from 12:30pm – 2pm.

3. We’re hosting the next Cal Affiliate League on Saturday Aug 16 from 4-8pm. This one is a partner competition – one guy one girl with beginner intermediate & advanced division

4. Beach Day! Our annual Summer Beach Day is Sunday Aug 24 at Annenberg in Santa Monica! More details to come as it gets closer!


Monday’s Training:


A1. Back Squat x5; 31×1 rest 1 min working up in weight
Work on tempo + finding full depth at bottom & not shorting reps vs maxing out weight
Try to ‘feel’ the bottom position
Same tempo for F/P/S
A2. Hand Stand Hold/Plank Hold
Fitness: Plank Hold x30 sec
Performance: Accumulate Handstand Hold against Wall x30 sec
Sport: Accumulate 30 seconds freestanding Handstand hold

B. 3 sets:
400m run
15x Sit Ups/V-Ups
15x KB Swings
70x Jump Rope Passes
[Performance: 30x Double Unders
Sport: 50x Double Unders]
Rest 2 min active after each set – run hard!

3 min on 1 min off x4 rest 3 min repeat

1. 5x Slam Ball 5x V-Up
2. Row for Cal
3. 5x KB Swing 20x Double Under
4. Row for Cal


And Tuesday’s Training:

Fitness: 6:30pm

Pre-Skill: 3×5 Strict Pull Ups w/partner assist
Skill: Push Press
Sets of 5 reps

WOD: 4 rounds
1 min per station rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete

DB Push Press
Sit Ups
Row for Cal
A. In 15 min build to a 1RM Hang Power Clean
B. 5 sets
10x Thruster 10x Pull up
[Rest is reduced 30 seconds for each group – goal is to have same splits as last week]

Fitness: DB/Ring Row/Banded Pull Up rest 30

Performance: 95/65 + Kipping Pull Up rest 60 sec
Sport: 115-135/75-85 + CtB Pull Up rest 60 sec