Thursday, Friday, & the Weekend! July 31-Aug 3

Thursday, Friday, & the Weekend! July 31-Aug 3

Thursday, Friday, & the Weekend! July 31-Aug 3

So what’s this picture about?

It’s our new Tablet that we have in our lobby and it’s going to make staying in the game a whole lot easier for ya!

We’ve worked with a couple seriously talented Volts brothers John & Stefan from 7:30pm and they’ve created an online system where you easily find your product input the phone number you have on file with us click to purchase and then get on with recovery!

It doesn’t ‘automatically’ charge you at this point but it does aggregate everything your purchase so we can waaaay more easily input it into our system. So no more messy signatures or wondering what someone was trying to write after a really brutal WOD.

We’ll still have the paper sheet out while we transition this into the gym – it’s LIVE now – but you may have changed your phone number recently or something like that – so you’ll still be able to get your Post WOD supplements & recover like a champ.

If there are any issues at all with it just let us know & we’ll fix it asap.

————This Weekend—————–

-Vixen’s Class is ON this Sunday at 9am! This class just keeps getting better. Coach Dizzle has done a great job with it every first Sunday of the month…and this August…word on the streets is…she’s BRINGING IT! #itsalreadybeenbroughten

So we’re calling all our Vixens; beginners intermediate & advanced to come out sweat together get all #summersexy and have a great time!

-The World’s Best Boot Camp Graduation is this Saturday from 12:30pm – 2pm. We’re going for our FIFTH consecutive Platoon to have 100% improvement rate on everything we test; body composition push up & squat testing + the Boot Camp Baseline.

We’ve just official opened Enlistment for Platoon #006 starting Saturday August 16 from 12:30 -2pm. It’s our 90 minute intro to the World’s Best Boot Camp session.

Spaces are always limited and just so you know referrals [yes that means you if you’re reading this or having it read to you cuz you’re fancy] get priority over everyone. You know because we take care of our own.

-Team High Voltage is Next Saturday [Aug 9] at 1pm-3pm! Be there!

-This Friday Coach Ryan Felix is getting hitched to Vixen Andrea! We couldn’t be happier for these two and the future they have ahead of them! If you see them when they get back from their honeymooon be sure to congradulate them!


Thursday’s Benchmark Training

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

30 reps of each [or 40 of each if they’re more advanced]
30 min cap

Box Jumps/step ups + Step down
Jumping Pull Ups
KB Swings [light]
Walking Lunge
Sit Ups/Lemon Squeezers
Push Press [DB’s]
Back Extensions
Wall Ball
Double Unders [or 150 jump rope passes]

Fitness/Performance/Sport [Note – 4:30pm is Firebreathers only every Thursday]
Benchmark WOD: [35 min cap can run in waves]
The Filthy 50 aka Chuck Norris aka the West Coast 500
50 reps of each in order
Box Jumps
Jumping Pull Ups
KB Swings [35/26]
Walking Lunge
Knees to Elbow
Push Press [45/33]
Back Extensions
Wall Ball [20/14]
Double Unders

Scale to 40 or 30 reps of each

CrossFit Football: 5:30am
Strength: Deadlift: 3×5 across
Accessory Strength: Bench Press: 3×5

WOD: Alternating Tabata – 8 min total – 16 sets

-Hand Release Push Ups

-Heavy Russian KB Swings


Friday’s Max Effort Training


A. Every 2 minutes for 16 min
Build to a 1 rep Clean & Jerk Max
Fitness: Hang Power Clean + Push Press
Performance; Can be either power or full
Sport: Full Squat Clean + Split Jerk

B. Strict Pull Up; Find 1RM in 10 min

C. 4 min running clock
Row 500m
Remaining time is max rep double unders
Fitness: 500m + Lateral Hurdle Jumps