The High Voltage Weekly, Aug 4-10

The High Voltage Weekly, Aug 4-10

The High Voltage Weekly, Aug 4-10

1. Enlistment is OPEN for our next World’s Best Boot Camp…this is for Platoon #006. 

It starts Saturday Aug 16 from 12:30-2pm and is just $49 to reserve your spot at Enlistment Day.

I get this question all the time…does this program work? Really…really…does it work?

The photo above is of Larry. He won the ‘Transformation Challenge’ and the $200 cash prize…

He lost 14.5″ of his waste in just 6 weeks including 5″ off his waste…

He improved his 1 minute max push up test from 16 to 45 push ups…

He shaved 3.5 minutes off his Boot Camp Baseline Assessment [almost 50% faster!]


He lost 45# in just 6 weeks!

And now he’s in the running for the $2000 World Wide Prize for the biggest Transformation! We’re so proud of you Larry!

If you’re ready to have the MOST FUN PROVING YOURSELF…then call us today at our WBBC Bat Phone – 818-588-3514.

Spaces are limited and referalls from our Volts & Vixens always get priority…until we sell out.

2. TEAM High Voltage is this Saturday at 1pm-3pm. There’s a TON of awesome Team/Partner competitions this Fall & we’ll be getting ready for them together!

3. There are still a few spaces left for the Saturday Aug 16 Cal Affiliate League Partner Competition that we’re hosting from 4-8pm. There are beginner intermediate & advanced divisions…so if you’ve got the ‘Games’ itch…it’s a perfect time to scratch it. Click Here!

4. Our Next Barbell Strength 11 week Cycle is just over 1 month away. We will begin opening up spaces shortly…although a few of you that have already gotten in…what can I say…people just love this class!

Pnutz Brown Bear & I met over the weekend & are working on an earlier [but not early!] time for the class along with some really really cool new additions to the program. This will make it progressive for people who have completed it before and still applicable as always for anyone who’s jumping on their first full strength cycle. Stay tuned!

5. Regular Schedule through the week/weekend!


Monday’s Training


A. Power Clean x2 every 90 seconds working up in weight for 7 sets [last 2 sets at same weight]

Fitness: 2x Deadlift + 2x Hang Power Clean
P/S: As rx’d[no more than 10 sec between reps]

B. 4 sets for high output!
30 seconds at each station rest 30 sec then rotate
1. Power Clean @75% of A
F: Hang power clean at weight you can turn over or russian kb swings

P: 75% S: 80%
2. Burpees w/full push up [no pacing these move for full 30 sec]
3. Core
F: Sit Ups
P: Lemon Squeezers/Evil Wheel
S: Evil Wheel

MAP: 7:30am
30 sec on 30 sec off x8 rest 2 min repeat x3
1. KB Swings
2. Burpees
3. Sit Ups
4. Row for Cal
repeat for stations 5-8 then go to rest period

And Tuesday’s Training:

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill: Strict Pull Ups 3×6; partner assisted
Skill: Front Squat x8; 32×2 [holding position in the bottom & keeping upright torso!]

WOD: Full Tabata at Each Station rest 1 min after all tabata is complete for low score
1. KB Front Squat
2. Ring Row/Jumping pull Up
3. DB Push Press

A1. Back Squat x3 working up in weight no tempo
Fitness: 31×1
A2. HSPU x7 reps ADAP [note – only do A2 for 4 sets]
Fitness: Push Ups x14 or Piked
Performance: No more than 2 AbMats or piked off box
Sport: Working Strict small deficit is the main focus

B. 3 sets for time [note – for bigger classes you can run in 2 heats]
15x Thrusters
15x Pull Ups
Fitness: rest 15 sec
Performance: 95/65 rest 30 sec
Sport: 115-135/75-85 + CtB rest 30 sec

Goal is same splits for each but with high output so different than
Keep same weights/movements from previous weeks

CFFB: 5:30am
Strength: Back Squat: 3×5 +5#
Accessory Strength: BB Bent Over Row 3×8

WOD: 3 sets:

10x Heavy Thruster

10x Underhand Kipping Pull Ups

Rest 1 min