Friday…and the Weekend!

Friday…and the Weekend!

Friday…and the Weekend!

-CrossFit Football is ON Saturday at 9am. It will continue to build on the CFFB Strength WOD linear progressions & fun WOD/metcon to finish.

-Team WOD is ON Saturday at 10am. Come by & see what awesomeness Coach Deb has in store for you!

Barbell Strength is ON this Saturday at 11am. This is one of the last ‘open’ classes before our 11 week Barbell Strength Cycle begins Sept 6. Registration will open shortly.

-And TEAM High Voltage is ON Saturday from 1-2:30 or 3pm…depending on how hard of a beating…I mean training…that Coach House has up his sleeve!

-Sunday’s Energizer [Long WOD] is ON at 10am 


Friday’s Training

Max Out Fridays!


A. 800m Run for time.

B. Front Squat: In 15 minutes find a 1RM

C. 8 min AMRAP

Max Rep Unbroken Wall Ball
Every break = 50m Farmers Walk