Wednesday & Thursday: Aug 13/14

Wednesday & Thursday: Aug 13/14

Wednesday & Thursday: Aug 13/14

I hope everyone had as great a time doing ‘Fran’ as the Coaches and I did watching everyone’s improvement.

Thank you for following the progressions we’ve been programming…and being the best CrossFitters to coach!

With SO MANY PR’s on Tuesday it was a really awesome day! Thank you!


Wednesday’s Training

A1. Deadlift x5 reps working up in weight
Fitness: 2020 tempo final 3 sets are at same weight
P/S: 2020 tempo – final 2 sets are at same weight
A2. Hollow Rock 12-15 reps
Fitness: Knees Tucked
Performance: one or both legs extended
Sport: Fully extended

B. 15 min AMRAP
200m run
10x OH Walking Lunge [each leg]
15x KB Swings [Fitness: Russian p/s: USA]
20x V-Ups [Fitness: Sit Ups]

7 min on 2 min off x4

1 &3
200m run
8x OH Walking LUnge
12x KB Swings
16x Sit Ups/V-Ups

5x Slam Ball
10x Burpee
30x Double Unders
100m row


And Thursday:

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Skill: Double Under Instruction then:
Back Squats for 8-10 min; 30×1 for 8 reps

Benchmark WOD:
50-40-30-20-10- reps for time
Double Unders [sub 3-1 singles]
SIt Ups
F/P/S: [Note – 4:30pm is Firebreathers class & requires a ‘test in’ aka Trial By Fire]
A1. 400m run rest 30 sec
A2. Dips x8-10
Fitness: Banded/Partner Assisted
Performance: Bwt or with #
Sport: Weighted
rest 1 min

B. Tower of Power – Back Squats
1 min on 3 min off
light: 1 point/med: 3 points/high: 7 points /med: 3 points/light: 1 point

M; 65/95/135
W; 45/65/75


M: 135/185/225
W: 95/115/155

M: 185/225/275
W: 115/155/185

A. Bench Press: 3×5 across +5#
B. Tower of Power Back Squats