The High Voltage Weekly!

The High Voltage Weekly!

The High Voltage Weekly!

BIG week at the box…coming off a BIG Week! It’s just how we roll…

First up a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make this past weekend a big success at both the World’s Best Boot Camp Enlistment Day AND the Cal Affiliate League Co-Ed partner competition! Special shout out to Desi & Drew and Tarah & Dan who put themselves out there in competition. Anytime anyone is willing to do that they always have my respect!


Aaaand for this week we’ve got 3 big things happening.

First…this Sunday Aug 24…we’re all heading to the Beach! 

That means there’s no class on Sunday…so YOU your friends your family are all heading to Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica from 12pm until 4pm…but probably later.

I’m super excited about this…and can’t wait to get out there & just hang out with everyone – no event no competition just all my favorite people!

Regular Schedule through Saturday closed on Sunday. 


Second…The 11 Week ‘Barbell Strength: Integrated Gymnastics’ cycle is now open…if you want to jump on board this is the time! 

The deets: Monday/Wednesday we’re having it EARLIER this year- starting at 7:30pm! Both Coaches Brown Bear Pnutz and I worked a ton on this to help accomodate as many of you as possible. We’ll be running the 7:30pm class with regular programming and the Barbell Strength class at the same time [but different coaches/set ups]

Saturday’s will still be at 11am.

The program is new this year – we’re combining the proven barbell strength progressions with a gymnastics & body control supplemental approach to really unlock some amazing results. Just getting to talk to the Coaches about this gets me super fired up.

And we’re packing even more into it this year…included for everyone is weekly email support with the coaches Muscle Strength supplements to help maximize ‘dem gainz’ and some basic mobility equipment. These are bonuses that as coaches we decided everyone needed and you are not charged extra for these. They’re included so you can rock it as hard as possible!

It will lead up to a Barbell Strength Total Day…we’re calling the ‘Night of Champions’.

  • The price is $349 for current Volts & Vixens and $549 for all non-members who want to jump on board this one of a kind program.

To register please email me at This course only runs 1x per year and has sold out for 4 straight years.


Finally…we have over a half-dozen teams and counting registered for the Dynamic Duo partner competition at the NLI on Sat Sept 20.

This is so great! I love that so many of you are seeing the value in using competitions as markers in your training. Really these could be anything – a Difficult or Tough Mudder a weightlifting meet a 10k…it gives our daily training purpose for the long run. And the goal? You guessed it – Your FULL EFFORT!

So with this big competition coming up we’re going to be having TEAM High Voltage training every week to build up to it! The first one is this Saturday from 1-3pm. 

Oh – and one more thing [#stevejobsmoves] – our Rowing Coach Jeff will be hosting a monthly Sunday rowing class – at no additional charge! More deets to come as soon as we name the class! Thanks Jeff!


Ax5. Power Snatch x3 reps rest 90 seconds after each set
Fitness: Hang Power Snatch x3
Performance: 3 position Power snatch
High Hang below Knee Floor
Sport: 3 position Squat Snatch
Floor Below Knee high hang

B. 3 rounds for time
400m run
21x KB Swings
12x Push Up
Fitness: Hand release Push Ups
Performance: HSPU [abmat or piked]
Sport: HSPU + DB Snatch [instead of kb swings]

MAP: 7:30am
10 min on rest 2 min x3 [score is total rounds
200m run
14x KB Swings
12x Sit Ups
10x Hand Release Push Ups [Sport: 5x HSPU]


And Tuesday:

Fitness Only: 6:30pm
Skill: Front Squat; 8 reps; 21×1

WOD: 2 min per station rest 1 min to rotate
-Wall Ball
-Row for Cal
-Sit Ups
-Jump Rope


A. Alt EMOM for 12 min
A1. Squat Clean
Fitness: Hang Power + Front Squat 3 &3
Performance: Squat Clean x3 reps
Sport: Squat Clean x3 reps [must catch in the bottom]
A2. Hollow Rock x10-15 [Fitness: Tucked P: Extended: SPort: Fully extended]

Bx3. Clean Extension x5 reps
Fitness: Clean grip deadlift
Performance: Clean Extension x5 @100% of heaviest set
Sport: Clean Ext x5 @110% of heaviest

C. 1 min at each station then 45 sec 30 sec 15 sec
Wall ball

Fitness: adjusted as needed
Performance: 20/14
Sport: 30/20 or 2-fers
[note this WOD takes 5 min total]

CFFB: 5:30am
Strength: Power Clean 5×3 +5#
Accessory strength: GHD Raise 3×10 weighted if possible

Heavy Wall Ball
Sprawl Ball Burpees [burpee with push up off mb]