The Barbell & the Beach!

The Barbell & the Beach!

-This Sunday 12-4pm…BEACH Day! No ‘Energizer’ class at 10am…just pack up & get ready for Annenberg Beach House from 12-4pm.

-the 11 Week Barbell Strength Program is open for registration! It begins Saturday Sept 6 and runs for 11 weeks.

It meets M & W at 7:30p and Saturday’s at 11am. This course only runs 1x per year and I’m super excited to have so many of you already inquire & jump on board.


Wednesday’s Training: 

Fitness x8-10 reps

Performance x5 reps

Sport: Close Grip [or closer grip] x5 reps

A2. Muscle Up Progression
Fitness: Work on kipping x5-7 reps
Performance: x5 reps at most difficult progression
Sport: MU x5-7 reps [or attempts]

B. 4 rounds 1 min per station
Rest 1 min after all 3 stations are complete
1: OHS [F: empty bar/kb front squat P: 95/65 S: 135-95]
2: Toes to Bar
3: Row for Cal

MAP: 7:30am 6:30pm
8 min on 2 min to rotate
1. 80x Jump Rope Passes 20x Lunges [upscale striders] 10x Slam Ball 5x Burpees
2. 200m run 20x Sit Ups 10x DB Push Press 5x
3. Row for Cal


And Thursday’s Benchmark Training:

Benchmark Thursday
Fitness Only:
Skill: Kipping Pull Ups + Movement Prep
WOD: “Cindy”
20 min AMRAP
5x Pull Ups 10x Push Ups 15x Squats
Sub to 369 or 4 8 12 reps of each

Note your improvement from June 5 [aka beginning of summer]

WOD: “Kelly” [35 min cap]
5 rounds for time
400m run
30x Box Jumps
30x Wall Ball
Fitness: Wall Ball + Step Ups & Step Downs
Performance:20/14# + Box Jumps/Step Ups & Step Downs 24/20″
Sport: 30/20# & 30/24″

CFFB: 5:30am
Strength: Back Squat; 3×5 +5#
Accessory Strength: Bench Press 3×5 +5#

WOD: Prowler: Coach’s Choice!