The mid-week Word! Aug 27/28

The mid-week Word! Aug 27/28

Weekends have always been a place where we’ve encouraged our Volts & Vixens to indidualize their training.

While there’s a lot of reasons I have for taking this approach the most important ones are that this maximizes your results and it’s also the most fun.

We’ve had our Team WOD’s at 10am for years and they’re a staple of getting to know new peeps and enjoying a fun & challenging workout.

Our Saturday 11am Barbell Strength class has gotten so popular we’ve been able to run our 11 week barbell strength cycle every year…and have it reach full capacity every year too!

Our monthly Vixen’s class and our Sunday Long WOD [the Energizer] are two of the most challenging classes we’ve got.

And after a bunch of brainstorming listening to your requests and talking with our Coaches I’m proud to announce not one but TWO new specialty classes to the High Voltage schedule…and they’re all included in your regular membership [they count like a regular training session like everything else].

  • First up on every 2nd Sunday of the month at 11am our resident Rowing Coach Jeff is now leading the ‘Row Like a MoFo’ class for our entire Community!

This class will be kinda like Barbell Strength in that it’s not quite a seminar but there are copius amounts of knowledge bombs that will be dropped.

The class will cover rowing technique & rowing based workouts making you a rowing beast!

  • Next on every 3rd Sunday of the month at 11am Coach’s Dan & House are hosting a ‘Skillz’ class and is also open to our entire Community.

This class will cover all the bodyweight & gymnastics stuff that so many of us struggle with – handstand holds pistols kipping handstand walks muscle up progressions…and a TON more. Most importantly these two coaches are SO fired up about this class and everything it’ll be able to do for you & your well balanced fitness…and every time we have coaches & CrossFitters passioniate about something – it always ends up amazing!

These calsses are pretty amazing and something that you’re not going to find on their own all too often let alone in the same place. We’re all very happy to provide you with the best fitness training we can provide. Thanks for being awesome we’re going to keep setting the bar as high as possible!


Wednesday’s Training: 

A1. GHD Sit Ups x12-15
A2. Static Dips x5 31×1 weighted if possible
A3. Turkish Get Ups x3 each arm

B. ‘Nancy’ [20 min cap]
5 rounds for time
400m run
15x OHS [95/65#]
Fitness: Front Squat or KB Squat
P: as rx’d
S: 115-135 & 75-85#

MAP: [7:30am/6:30pm]
Tabata 8x [full tabata at each station then rotate]
30 seconds rest to rotate
1. KB Walking Lunge
2. Slam ball
3. Wall Ball
4. Row for cal
5. DB Snatch/kb swing
6. Toes to Bar/Sit Ups
7. Hand Release Push Ups
8. Row for cal


And Thursday

Fitness Only [6:30pm]
Pre-Skill: Rowing Instruction

Skill: Thruster technique
Review – pacing on rower movement efficiency on thrusters

1000m row
50x Thrusters
30x Pull Ups

Finish with: coach’s choice

F/P/S [note: 4:30pm is Firebreathers only & requires test in]
A. Mobility prep
B. Jackie
1000m row
50x Thrusters
30x Pull Ups

Finish with: Coach’s choice

CFFB: [5:30am]
Strength: Deadlift 3×5 +5#
WOD: “Jackie”
100m row
50x Thruster
30x Pull Up